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Portrait of Senator Dave Donley Session:
State Capitol, Room 508
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-3892
Fax: (907) 465-6595

716 W 4th, Suite 430
Anchorage, AK 99501-2133
Phone: (907) 269-0234
Fax: (907) 269-0238

Senator Dave Donley's
On-Line Survey Results

I thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses will help me in my deliberations. Your results are tallied below.

Results include responses from 10 residents of District J, Senator Donley's midtown Anchorage district, and 10 others from the Anchorage area. The remaining 70+ responses where from outside the Anchorage area. Consequently, this survey is not a scientific sampling of the opinions of Senator Donley's midtown Anchorage District J residents.

Names, Addresses, and other free form text entries are not displayed on-line. But, all responses are logged.

Do you support a constitutional amendment treating ”rural“ subsistence users differently than "urban"?

Yes 66 71.74 %
No 26 28.26 %

Do you believe that the federal law (ANILCA) should be changed to agree with Alaska’s Constitution rather than changing our constitution to accommodate federal law?

Change ANILCA 42 47.73 %
Change Alaskaís Constitution 46 52.27 %

Should legislative session be held in Anchorage rather than Juneau?

Anchorage 53 56.38 %
Juneau 41 43.62 %

Should random drug testing be required of welfare recipients as a condition for receiving benefits?

Yes 50 53.76 %
No 43 46.24 %

Should Alaska amend our Constitution to allow for the election of the Attorney General?

Yes 37 41.11 %
No 53 58.89 %

Do you support a Constitutional Amendment to establish a voucher system for Alaska’s schools?

Yes 47 51.09 %
No 45 48.91 %

Should the amount of the permanent fund dividend be capped?

Yes 37 39.78 %
No 56 60.22 %

Since 1996, the Republican led Majority’s 5-year plan has gradually reduced the state’s budget by $220 million. Do you support the plan’s goal of cutting $30 million for fiscal year 2000, starting July 1, 2000?

Yes 32 35.16 %
No 59 64.84 %

Is the state spending:

Too Much 26 29.55 %
Too Little 33 37.50 %
About Right 29 32.95 %

Do you believe non-profit organizations (e.g. Sierra Club, AKPIRG) that engage in political activities should be required to disclose their sources of income over $100?

Yes 57 60.64 %
No 37 39.36 %

The Municipality of Anchorage claims any additional cuts in the municipal assistance and revenue sharing programs will cause local taxes to increase. Should the Legislature reduce this funding?

Yes 25 28.09 %
No 64 71.91 %

Should the Municipality of Anchorage reduce its operating budget and not rely on increasing property taxes as a way to offset decreasing funds from the state?

Yes 49 59.76 %
No 33 40.24 %

Should the tax exemption given seniors and veterans on their homes be made optional for local governments?

Yes 44 47.83 %
No 48 52.17 %

Do you support higher taxes on alcohol?

Yes 68 71.58 %
No 27 28.42 %

Do you support the initiative which would cap local property taxes at 10 mils?

Yes 38 42.70 %
No 51 57.30 %

Senator Mackie has proposed a constitutional amendment to pay a one-time Permanent fund dividend to current residents (in the state as of January 1, 2000) of $25,000 with the earnings of the Permanent Fund used to pay for government. Would you support Senator Mackie’s plan?

Yes 28 29.79 %
No 66 70.21 %

The state of Alaska has been subsidizing rural electrical use through the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) program. Should this approximately $15 million program be continued?

Yes 69 75.82 %
No 22 24.18 %

Do you support a constitutional amendment prohibiting game management by initiative?

Yes 28 36.36 %
No 49 63.64 %

The Alaska Supreme Court in a 3-2 decision in the case of John v. Backer found that a ”tribal“ court had jurisdiction over a state court in domestic relations cases. Do you believe the court overstepped its boundary and made law which is the legislature’s duty?

Yes 38 44.19 %
No 48 55.81 %

The Governor has officially recognized ”tribes“ as a state policy. Do you agree with this policy?

Yes 52 59.09 %
No 36 40.91 %

Last year I voted against, and the state overwhelmingly rejected, the plan proposed in the September 14, 1999 PFD advisory vote to balance the state’s budget. There are many opinions and interpretations of why the public voted against the plan. What did the vote ”No“ mean to you? (Select only one)

Voted yes 8 9.88 %
None of your business 3 3.70 %
Didnít want PFD reduced 8 9.88 %
PFD reduced too much 0 0 %
We should tax, not cut PFD 15 18.52 %
Cut spending, not PFD 26 32.10 %
We should have a balanced plan of reduced spending, cap on PFDís and new taxes 21 25.93 %


Free form text entries are not displayed on-line. But, all responses are logged.

Should the legislature approve any increases in state employee wage and benefits?

Yes 58 65.17 %
No 31 34.83 %

What do you think is the most important issue facing Alaska and or our District? How would you address this issue?

Free form text entries are not displayed on-line. But, all responses are logged.

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