Sponsor Statement for SB 232

An Act Relating to Electronic Signatures, Electronic Records, Requirements for Records, and the Production of Public Records

At the request of the Lieutenant Governor, Chair of the Telecommunications Information Council, I have introduced SB 232 to allow both the public and private sectors of Alaska to operate quickly, securely and efficiently in the electronic age. Electronic signatures are increasingly used as this new technology is quickly adapted into the ever-changing world of electronic commerce. Currently two states, Utah and Washington, have adopted statutes to standardize the practice of electronic signatures and legislation is pending in most other states. SB 232 will help continue Alaska’s interstate, intrastate and global economic growth, by providing legal framework for use of electronic signatures commerce.

Specifically, SB 232 establishes electronic signatures as a legal practice with the same standing as a standard signature. This act allows the Lt. Governors office or other state agencies to develop regulations for using electronic signatures by private or public entities and establishes criteria for electronic signature regulations. Lastly, this act repeals some state agencies’ selected notarization requirements to better utilize the efficiencies of electronic signatures.

SB 232 is an important component in keeping Alaska competitive and efficient in both public and private business practices. I appreciate your support of this act.