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Sponsor Statement for HB 275
Uniform Probate Code

An Act relating to the Uniform Probate Code, including trusts and governing instruments; relating to trustees; relating to underproductive trust property; and relating to conveyances of real property and interests in real property by or to trusts.

Posted: February 21, 2000
Contact: Representative Gene Therriault at (907) 465-4797.

House Bill 275 further refines the Uniform Probate Code to continue enhancing the estate planning climate in the State of Alaska. By a nearly unanimous vote in both the House and Senate, in 1996 the Twentieth State Legislature passed a major overhaul of the laws that had governed decedent's estates, guardianships, transfers and trusts since 1972. The changes, based on the 1990 version of the national Uniform Probate Code, as subsequently amended in 1991 and 1993, were made to adapt our laws to the increasing complexity of family structure and investment alternatives that have developed in recent decades. House Bill 275 proposes further revisions to clarify ambiguities, simplify the probate procedure, and minimize tax consequences.

Much of the language is derived from statutes of other states and reflects a consensus of ideas agreed upon by Alaskan estate planning lawyers who have met informally over the last two years to discuss possible improvements.

Sectional Analysis for HB 275

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