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Representative Norman Rokeberg Session:
State Capitol, Room 24
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Toll Free: (800) 773-4968
Phone: (907) 465-4968
Fax: (907) 465-2040
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On-Line Survey Results

How many voters are in your household?       622 Voters

The first session of the 21st Alaska Legislature, despite many hours of public hearings, or other discussions and a special session, did not "solve" the subsistence delimma. This issue will face us again during 2000. The federal government is now managing fish and game activities on all federal lands in Alaska.

Do you support a constitutional amendment treating "rural" subsistence users differently that "urban".

Yes     41%
No     59%

Would you support a constitutional amendment establishing a rural subsistence priority in times of shortage?

Yes     60%
No     40%

Do you believe that the federal law (ANILCA) should be changed to agree with Alaska's Constitution rather than changing our Constitution to accommodate federal law?

Yes     70%
No     30%

Should legislative session be held in Anchorage rather than Juneau?

Yes     81%
No     19%

Should random drug test be required of welfare recipients as a condition for receiving benefits?

Yes     74%
No     26%

Should Alaska amend our Constitution to allow for the election of the Attorney General?

Yes     50%
No     50%

Do you support a Constitutional amendment to establish a voucher system for Alaska's school's?

Yes     53%
No     47%

Should the amount of the Permanent fund Dividend be capped?

Yes     24%
No     76%

If so, at what amount?            $1000 most mentioned.

When a home inspector issues a report on your home prior to a sale, should that inspector have any liability for the report above and beyond the cost of the report itself?

Yes     74%
No     26%

Should the State regulate home inspectors and set minimum standards for initial licensing and continuing education?

Yes     79%
No     21%

Since 1996, the Republican-led Majority's 5-year plan has gradually reduced the state's budget by $220 million. Do you support the plan's goal of cutting $30 million for fiscal year 2000, starting July 1, 2000?
(Note: To reach this goal, the Legislature has to cut $57 million in formula program increases, portions of the Governor's $125 million increase, and then make the $30 million in spending reductions.)

Yes     69%
No     31%

Is the State spending:

Too much     66%
Too little     11%
About right     23%

Even with the increase in the price of oil this fiscal year (FY'00), ending June 30, 2000, we will have to use $500 to $800 million from the Constitutional Budget Reserve (CBR). The CBR will have a balance of approximately $2 billion. Do you believe that the number one priority of the Legislature should be development of a long-range financial plan for the State?

Yes     95%
No     5%

Do you believe non-profit organizations (e.g., Sierra Club, AKPIRG) that engage in political activities should be required to disclose their sources of income over $100?

Yes     85%
No     15%

The State of Alaska has not issued any general obligation (GO) bonds for over twenty years. The Governor has proposed a $510 million dollar bond to be spent over three years on schools and deferred maintenance and provides for the continuation of the school debt reimbursement program. The House Finance Committee has proposed a bonding proposition of $665 million.

Do you support a GO bond issue for schools and deferred maintenance?

Yes     56%
No     44%

What level of bonding would you support?

$200 Million     15%
$300 Million     16%
$400 Million     14%
$500 Million     10%
$600 Million     45%

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) claims any additional cuts in the municipal assistance and revenue sharing programs will cause local taxes to increase. Should the Legislature reduce this funding?

Yes     39%
No     61%

Should the Municipality reduce its operating budget and not rely on increasing real property taxes as a way to offset decreasing funds from the state?

Yes     78%
No     22%

Should the tax exemption given seniors and veterans on their homes be made optional for local governments?

Yes     41%
No     59%

Senator Mackie has proposed a constitutional amendment to pay a one-time permanent fund dividend to current residents (in the state as of January 1, 2000) of $25,000 with the balance of the Permanent Fund dedicated to general fund appropriations. Would you support Senator Mackie's plan?

Yes     27%
No     73%

The State of Alaska has been subsidizing rural electrical use through the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) program. Should this approximately $15 million program be continued?

Yes     45%
No     55%

The Alaska Supreme Court in a 3-2 decision in the case of John v. Backer found that a "tribal" court had jurisdiction over a state court in domestic relations cases. Do you believe the court overstepped its boundary and made law which is the Legislature's duty?

Yes     69%
No     31%

The Governor has officially recognized "tribes" as a state policy. Do you agree with this policy?

Yes     34%
No     66%

The people of District 11 and the state overwhelmingly rejected the plan proposed in the September 14, 1999 advisory vote to balance the state's budget. There are many opinions and interpretations of why this was done. Why did you vote as you did? Click on all that apply.

PFD reduced too much
None of your business
We should tax, not cut PFD
Didn't want PFD reduced
Voted Yes
We should have a balanced plan of reduced spending, cap on PFD's, and new taxes
Cut spending, not PFD

Other?          Balance Budget was most frequently mentioned item

Should the Legislature approve any increases in state employee wage and benefits?

Yes     45%
No     55%

Please indicate below where you feel the state's budget should be reduced, remain the same, or increased. The FY 2000 (July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2000) general fund budget or approximately $2.3 billion was allocated as follows:

K-12 Education $779.7 million

Increase     31%
Decrease     37%
Same     33%

University of Alaska $172.0 million

Increase     21%
Decrease     27%
Same     51%

Roads, Airports & Marine Highway Maintenance & Operations
$126.4 million

Increase     37%
Decrease     17%
Same     46%

Longevity Bonus $56.3 million

Increase     6%
Decrease     44%
Same     50%

Municipal Assistance and Revenue Sharing $28.5 million

Increase     12%
Decrease     36%
Same     52%

Public Safety $77.8 million

Increase     21%
Decrease     20%
Same     60%

Adult Corrections $145.8 million

Increase     10%
Decrease     46%
Same     44%

Court System $49.4 million

Increase     7%
Decrease     43%
Same     50%

Legislature $31.5 million

Increase     1%
Decrease     72%
Same     27%

Governor (including Lt. Governor & Elections) $16.2 million

Increase     1%
Decrease     68%
Same     31%

Dept. of Law $25.5 million

Increase     35%
Decrease     52%
Same     43%

Dept. of Natural Resources $36.8 million

Increase     13%
Decrease     47%
Same     40%

Dept. of Fish & Game $32.9 million

Increase     18%
Decrease     42%
Same     40%

Health and Social Services $438.7 million
(includes child protection, foster care, youth corrections, public assistance, medical assistance, and etc.)

Increase     20%
Decrease     46%
Same     34%

Pioneer Homes $32.3 million

Increase     19%
Decrease     21%
Same     60%

Other Government Services $400 million
(disaster relief; tourism; regulation of banking, securities, corporations, and insurance industries; occupation licensing; business licensing; personnel; leases; workers' compensation; unemployment services, etc.)

Increase     7%
Decrease     54%
Same     39%

I have listed some suggested taxes or tax increases below. Please review the list and rank the proposals below on a scale of 1 to 9, with 1 being your first preference and 9 being you last preference. (Results list first preference only)

Motor fuel tax increase


Timber tax increase


Fishery tax increase


Raise user fees and index fees to inflation


Mining tax increase


Establish a seasonal sales tax


None needed


Oil & Gas tax increase


Establish state sales tax


Re-establish a school head tax


Statewide income tax


Alcohol tax increase


Establish new taxes on tourism industry


Raise tobacco tax



Lottery, Income Tax on Non-residents

I am working on a patients' bill of rights addressing some managed care issues.

Do you think that individuals should have the option of selecting their own doctor?

Yes     96%
No     4%

Would you be willing to pay a higher insurance premium or co-payment in order to be able to select your own doctor?

Yes     62%
No     38%

Alaska's Constitution mandates that 25% of oil and mineral leases, royalties and bonuses are deposited into the principle of the Permanent Fund. In 1980, the Legislature increased that to 50% on all new leases. If we repealed this law and went back to the original 25%, an extra 18 Million a year would be generated to help close the fiscal gap and the impact on the dividends would be minimal. Do you support changing the law back t the Constitution's 25%?

Yes     65%
No     35%

What do you think is the most important issue or problem facing Alaska and/or our district? How would you address this issue? (Top three issues mentioned)

  1. Budget
  2. Subsistence
  3. Education Funding

Webmaster Note: Results have been rounded to the nearest digit and thus totals may not equal 100. All text entries are logged, but not displayed on this results page.

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