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Portrait of Senate President 
		Senator Drue Pearce Portrait of House Speaker 
		Brian Porter
Senator Drue Pearce

State Capitol, Room 107
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-4993
Fax: (907) 465-3872
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Rep. Brian Porter

State Capitol, Room 208
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-4930
Fax: (907) 465-3834
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Pearce and Porter Unveil Commitment for Taking Care of Alaska Now and for the Future
Republican-led Majority Continues Work to Make State Government Smaller and Smarter and Alaska Safer and Stronger

For Immediate Release: January 11, 2000
Contact: Senator Drue Pearce at (907) 465-4993
Representative Brian Porter at (907) 465-3804

Juneau -- The Second Session of the 21st Alaska Legislature will see members of the Senate and House Majority complete their commitment to reduce General Fund spending by $250 million dollars as called for in their Five-Year Plan. They will work to ensure responsible spending through Results-Based budgeting, to enhance school infrastructure and pursue increased economic development throughout Alaska.

"What we are hearing so far from the Administration are calls for increases in spending, not the prudent decreases our fiscal situation would seem to require," said House Speaker Brian Porter (R-Anchorage). "We would be ill-advised to adopt a budget that calls for an additional $130 million dollars in spending with our levels of revenue."

"For the past four years we have succeeded in our efforts to reduce state general fund spending," said Senate President Drue Pearce (R-Anchorage). "We must follow-up these efforts by prioritizing government spending and building accountability into the budget process in the final year of our plan."

"Results-based budgeting will provide the means to prioritize government spending," said Pearce. "Defined missions and measures will allow us to achieve accountability and reach defined goals, account for budgeted funds and audit money already spent."

"In addition to making spending reductions, we will attempt to eliminate regulatory and bureaucratic barriers to economic development," said Porter. "We will promote value added resource development and work to remove barriers to getting state land into private hands."

The new Majority commitment focuses on education and the construction needs of the state's primary and secondary schools. The plan also focuses on promotion of the development of North Slope natural gas and continued improvement of the state's infrastructure.

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Attachments: Commitment to Alaska      in *.pdf format
Majority Accomplishments      in *.pdf format

Broadcasters note: Audio comments are available on the Majority Actuality line, 1-800-478-6540
= Drue Pearce, 30 K = Brian Porter, 33 K
= Sean Parnell, 22 K = Gene Therriault, 35 K
= John Torgerson, 35 K = Eldon Mulder, 50 K
= Joe Green, 25 K

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Republican Majority's Commitment to Alaska
for the
2nd Session of the 21st Alaska State Legislature

Taking Care of Alaska Now and for the Future
Making State Government Smaller and Smarter
and Alaska Safer and Stronger

Smaller Government

  1. Spending Reductions
    • Complete the fifth and final year of the Five-Year Plan to reduce general fund spending by $250 million and establish the foundation for a long range fiscal plan.
  2. State Employee Unions
    • Hold the line on state employee pay and benefit funding
  3. Privatization
    • Review and consider the implementation of the recommendations of the Privatization Commission

Smarter Government

  1. Continue Results-Based Budgeting
    • Prioritize government spending using defined missions and measures
    • Promote the wise allocation of scarce funding resources
  2. Accountability
    • Achieve clearly defined goals
    • Account for budgeted funds
    • Audit funds already spent
  3. Constitutional Reform
    • Overturn Bess decision which took power to revise constitution away from the people
  4. State's Rights
    • Aggressively protect Alaska's rights from federal encroachment

Safer and Stronger Alaska

  1. Education and Public Safety
    • Fully fund K-12 Foundation Formula
    • Seek the appropriate level of funding for construction and upgrades of primary and secondary schools
    • Support adequate funding for the University of Alaska
    • Continue our commitment to the protection of children and all vulnerable Alaskans
  2. Economic Development and Quality Jobs for Alaskans
    • Fight for approval of the National Missile Defense system in Alaska
    • Remove barriers for the equitable selling of state land to private individuals in order to promote resource development and raise additional revenue for the state
    • Promote responsible development of Alaska North Slope natural gas
    • Improve roads, transportation and water and sewer facilities
    • Encourage value added resource development

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Republican-led Majority's Accomplishments
19th, 20th, and 21st Alaska Legislatures

  1. State Operating Budget reduced by $220 million
  2. Reforms
    • Prison Reform
    • Regulatory Reform
    • Tort Reform
    • Criminal Prosecution Reform
    • Welfare Reform
    • Campaign Finance Reform
    • Teacher Tenure Reform
    • Budget Reform
    • Elections Reform
  3. Crime Packages
  4. Victims' Rights Legislation
  5. Truth In Sentencing Legislation
  6. Appropriated $3.9 Billion to the Corpus of the Permanent Fund
  7. K-12 Education Foundation Formula: Made Distribution of state aid more equitable and on per student basis
  8. Competency Tests for Students and Teachers
  9. Accountability through Results-based Budgeting
  10. Addressed Alaska's Deferred Maintenance Needs
  11. Support Development of Alaska Oil and Gas Reserves
  12. Support for Oil and Gas Lease Sales in NPRA
  13. Downsized Government
    • Merged 2 departments into Dept. of Community and Econ. Development
    • Meaningful oversight of State Labor Contract negotiations
    • Repealed Inefficient APUC; Replaced with new RCA
    • Privatization of Tourism Marketing
  14. Power Cost Equalization

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