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Senate President Mike Miller Will Pass Gavel to Pearce

Republican Senate Majority Names Leadership Positions

For Immediate Release: November 5, 1998 Contact: Senate President Mike Miller at (907) 269-0257.

Anchorage – Outgoing Senate President Mike Miller (R-North Pole) announced the Alaska State Senate’s next leadership positions following Wednesday’s meeting to organize the Twenty-first State Legislature’s Senate Majority.

Senator Miller announced that by unanimous consent, Republican State Senators chose Senator Drue Pearce from Anchorage as Senate President.

"I have enjoyed my role as Senate President and expect good things to continue to happen in the next two years under Drue’s leadership," Miller said. "Alaska is in good hands. Drue is experienced, she knows how to build consensus, and she makes things happen."

"It is a privilege to be chosen by my colleagues to lead the State Senate a second time," said Pearce. "I look forward to working with them to continue our ‘Commitment to Alaska’."

"It’s my goal to lead a legislature that is accountable to our constituents, to persevere in our promise to deliver a smaller, smarter government, and to face the challenges of the new millenium by looking for positive solutions," said Pearce. "We will announce our ‘Commitment to Alaska’ during the first week of session so Alaskans will know our legislative priorities and will be able to measure our performance."

Senator Pearce announced a planned change in the new organization: the expansion of the Senate Finance Committee from seven to nine members.

"Last year the Finance Committee spent hundreds of hours developing performance missions and measures for Results Based Budgeting," said Pearce. "We will work to complete that process this year. We are expanding the Senate Finance Committee so the members can be effective in changing the way we develop the state’s budget."

The following senators will chair the Twenty-first Legislature’s Senate committees:

Rules: Senator Tim Kelly

Finance Co-Chairs:

Judiciary: Senator Robin Taylor

Resources: Senator Rick Halford

Labor and Commerce: Senator Jerry Mackie

State Affairs: Senator Jerry Ward

Health, Education and Social Services: Senator Mike Miller

Senator Jerry Mackie will be the Senate Majority Leader. Senator Mike Miller will Chair Legislative Council. The members of the Senate Finance Committee will include Senator Dave Donley, Senator Pete Kelly, Senator Gary Wilken, Senator Randy Phillips, Senator Loren Leman and Senator Lyda Green. To increase opportunities for public input on the capital budget, Finance Co-Chair John Torgerson named Senator Donley to chair a new subcommittee on the capital budget.

The chairmen for the Transportation, Community and Regional Affairs, and Regulatory Review committees have not yet been chosen.

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