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House Legislation Passes on Day 120
Countdown to Adjournment Continues

For Immediate Release: May 18, 1999

Juneau -- The Alaska House of Representatives and Senate Tuesday passed the following House legislation:

In the Senate:

Portrait of Representative Vic Kohring HB 40: Department of Community and Economic Development

Sponsored by Representative Vic Kohring (R-Wasilla/Peters Creek), HB 40 would combine the Department of Community and Regional Affairs with the Department of Commerce and Economic Development to form a single Department of Community and Economic Development. HB 40 passed the Senate 14-6. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-2186)
Representative Norman Rokeberg HB 69: Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Sponsored by Representative Norman Rokeberg (R-Anchorage). HB 69 extends the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board until June 30, 2003. HB 69 passed the Senate 20-0.
(Contact: 465-4968)
HB 84: International Airports Revenue Bonds

Sponsored by the House Rules Committee, HB 84 authorizes the sale of $25 million in additional revenue bonds for the Anchorage International Airport terminal redevelopment project. HB 84 passed the Senate 15-4. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-3879)
HB 87: Unemployment Trust Fund

Sponsored by the House Rules Committee. HB 87 would make the State eligible to have the Treasury Secretary credit the State's unemployment trust fund with money for the purpose of administering the unemployment compensation program. HB 87 passed the Senate 20-0. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-3879)
Portrait of Representative 
		Joe Green HB 131: Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

Sponsored by Representative Joe Green (R-Anchorage), House Bill 131 allows the Alaska Legislature to approve surface rights-of-way or transportation easements across the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. HB 131 passed the Senate 15-5. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-4931)
Portrait of Representative Pete Kott HB 151: Revocation of Minor Driver's License

Sponsored by Representative Pete Kott (R-Eagle River), HB 151 makes changes to Alaska statutes to determine when and under what circumstances a minor's driver's license may be revoked or restored. HB 151 passed the Senate 20-0. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-3777)
Portrait of Representative Jerry Sanders HB 157: PFD Allowable Absences

Sponsored by Representative Jerry Sanders (R-Anchorage), HB 157 adds absences from the state while serving on oceangoing vessels of the United States merchant marine to the list of allowable absences for purposes of eligibility for permanent fund dividends. HB 157 passed the Senate 14-6. Notice of reconsideration was filed. 14-6. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-4945)
Representative Scott Ogan HB 227: Hatcher Pass Public Use Area

Sponsored by Representative Scott Ogan (R-Palmer), HB 227 permits the Matanuska-Susitna Borough to select up to 160 acres of land within the Hatcher Pass Public Use Area. HB 227 passed the Senate 16-4. Notice of reconsideration was filed.
(Contact: 465-3878)
Representative John Coghill HJR 27: Alaska/Russia Maritime Boundary

Sponsored by Representative John Coghill (R-Fairbanks), HJR 27 urges Congress to rescind the unratified border treaty with Russia and to begin new negotiations with Russia over the maritime border between Canada, Russia, and the United States, but include Alaska in the talks. HB 27 passed the Senate 16-4.
(Contact: 465-3719)
HJR 29: Endorse Federal Court of Appeal for 12 Circuit

Sponsored by the House Judiciary Committee, House Joint Resolution 29 endorses U.S. Senate legislation (S.253) by Senators Frank Murkowski and Slade Gorton to divide the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. HJR 29 passed the Senate 14-3.
(Contact: 465-4990)
Portrait of Representative 
		Jeannette James HCR 5: Extend Dalton Highway to Arctic Ocean

Sponsored by Representative Jeannette James (R-North Pole), HCR 5 calls for the completion of the last few miles of the Dalton Highway and urges the Governor to direct that the road be completed expeditiously. HCR 5 passed the Senate 14-6.
(Contact: 465-3743)

In the House::

HB 199: State Employee Compensation

Sponsored by the House Finance Committee, HB 199 brings certain State employees' compensation and benefits more in line with other public and private sector employees in Alaska. HB 199 passed the House 22-18.
(Contact: 465-3757)
Representative John Coghill HB 226: Credited Service for On-the-Job Injuries

Sponsored by Representative John Coghill (R-Fairbanks), HB 226 provides that the State will pay a public school employee's contributions to credited service if the employee is on leave without pay because of an on-the-job assault. HB 226 passed the House 28-0.
(Contact: 465-3719)
Broadcasters note: Audio comments are available on the Majority Actuality line, 1-800-478-6540
= John Coghill, Jr., 63 K

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