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Legislature Votes to Curtail Abuse of Common Law Liens

Bill Makes Filing a Non-Consensual Common Law Lien Illegal

For Immediate Release: April 20, 1998 Contact: Senator Tim Kelly at (907) 465-3822.

Juneau – The House Monday passed legislation by a vote of 28 to 1 to stop the harassment filings of nonconsensual common law liens as a form of revenge against public officials and others in Alaska.

Senate Bill 195, requested by the Alaska Court System and sponsored by the Senate Rules Committee, would make it a misdemeanor offense to record such a lien without the specific authorization of a court and would also provide an expeditious way to invalidate such filings when they occur.

Some people in Alaska are using nuisance lien filings as a form of retribution and a majority of these liens are being filed against public officials who are simply doing their jobs. Last year, for example, several employees and elected officials of the Municipality of Anchorage had unwarranted liens filed against their properties. While these nonconsensual filings have not held up in court, the actions do result in considerable additional public expense and unnecessary workload for court system and other staff.

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