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Commitment Statement

"Commitment to Alaska"

  Senate President - Senator Mike Miller

Portrait of Senate President Senator Mike Miller
"Among the many big issues facing Alaska this year, the budget and education will once again top the list. While cutting the budget is a difficult process, we are committed to closing Alaska's fiscal gap and creating a government that puts people before the bureaucracy."
                     -- Senator Miller, January 13, 1997 Press Release

"Last session we passed an education reform package establishing measurable standards for both teachers and students. We will build on those accomplishments by introducing greater parental control, choice and involvement into the system and giving Alaska’s children an equal opportunity to learn and succeed."
                     -- Senator Miller, January 10, 1998 Press Release

House Speaker - Representative Gail Phillips 

"Alaskans have repeatedly sent one message to Legislators -- continue downsizing government. For this reason, our number one commitment is to close the fiscal gap through the continued implementation of our five-year fiscal plan. Alaska's financial future is critical to so many other issues affecting our state."
               -- Representative Phillips, January 14, 1997 Press Release

"Part of our commitment this year is to take a hard look at child safety issues. We intend to find out what the problems at the Department of Family and Youth Services are, direct the governor to fix those problems, and give him additional tools to develop programs that really work."
               -- Representative Phillips, January 10, 1998 Press Release
Portrait of House Speaker Representative Gail Phillips

Smaller, Smarter Government

Spending Reductions:
Jobs For Alaskans:
Education Reform:
  • Establish measurable standards for students graduating from Alaska's high schools
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Place priorities on reforming the Foundation Formula, encouraging parental choice and local control, and enhancing alternative schooling opportunities
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic is essential for a high-school diploma
    Commitment Accomplished
Safe Neighborhoods:
  • Continue to emphasize juvenile justice reforms, increase parental rights and responsibilities, protect domestic and child abuse victims
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Address neighborhood and municipal needs related to gangs and focus on restitution
    Commitment Accomplished
Protect State's Rights:
  • Strongly encourage federal statutory revisions to resolve State/Federal issues in a manner consistent with our Alaska Constitution and Statehood Act
    Commitment Accomplished
Long-Term Maintenance Solutions:
  • Identify the entire scope of Alaska's on-going maintenance needs and the methods of payment to be considered
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Establish criteria and priorities for the long-term maintenance of all state-owned facilities, transportation systems, schools and the University
    Commitment Accomplished

-- Commitment Statement originally announced January 14, 1997 Press Relese


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