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21st Legislature
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Commitment Statement

"Continuing the Commitment
that's Working for Alaska!"

  Senate President - Senator Drue Pearce

Portrait of Senate President Senator Drue Pearce
"It is my goal to lead a legislature that is accountable to the people of Alaska, to persevere in our promise to deliver a smaller, smarter government, and to face the financial challenges of the new millennium by looking for positive solutions."
                     -- Senator Pearce, January 19, 1999 Press Release

"Results-based budgeting will provide the means to prioritize government spending. Defined missions and measures will allow us to achieve accountability and reach defined goals, account for budgeted funds, and audit money already spent."
                     -- Senator Pearce, January 11, 2000 Press Release

House Speaker - Representative Brian Porter 

"The 21st Alaska Legislature will likely prove to be one of the most pivotal in our state's history, I believe this Legislature has the talent, drive, and energy to meet its responsibility and allow Alaska to move smoothly into the next millenium."
               -- Representative Porter, January 19, 1999 Press Release

"In addition to making spending reductions, we will attempt to eliminate regulatory and bureaucratic barriers to economic development. We will promote value added resource development and work to remove barriers to getting state land into private hands."
               -- Representative Porter, January 11, 2000 Press Release
Portrait of House Speaker, Representative Brian Porter

Smaller Government

Spending Reductions:
State Employee Unions:
  • Hold the line on state employee pay and benefit funding
  • Review and consider the implementation of the recommendations of the Privatization Commission
    Commitment Accomplished

Smarter Government

Continue Results-Based Budgeting:
  • Achieve clearly defined goals
  • Account for budgeted funds
  • Audit funds already spent
Constitutional Reform:
  • Overturn Bess decision which took power to revise constitution away from the people
State's Rights:

Safer and Stronger Alaska

Education and Public Safety:
Economic Development and Quality Jobs for Alaskans:
  • Fight for approval of the National Missile Defense system in Alaska
  • Remove barriers for the equitable selling of state land to private individuals in order to promote resource development and raise additional revenue for the state
  • Promote responsible development of Alaska North Slope natural gas
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Improve roads, transportation and water and sewer facilities
    Commitment Accomplished
  • Encourage value added resource development
    Commitment Accomplished

-- Commitment Statement originally released January 11, 1999 Press Relese


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