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1997 Audio Clip Archive




  1. Representative Bill Hudson discusses the implications and importance of his HB 128. This bill seeks to set up an Alaskan based scientific process to establish the standards relating to the use and handling of water in Alaska.
  2. Representative Ivan Ivan comments about his HB 20. This legislation, which passed the Legislature Thursday, seeks to provide a stable source of funding for hard pressed dog mushing contests across the state. The bill allows dog musher's associations to award monetary prizes to those who participate in statewide games of chance.
  3. Representative Ivan Ivan comments on the bill in yupik.
  4. Senator Dave Donley describes his "No Frills Prison" Act legislation, SB 1. The bill passed the House Thursday and next goes to the Governor for his signature. The bill limits personal possessions and activities of prisoners in Alaskan correctional facilities, reduces state medical expenses for prisoners and provides greater vocational training opportunities for prisoners.
  5. Senator Dave Donley comments upon his appointment as the Senate Co-Chair of the Anchorage Caucus. He describes its history, purpose, and the focus he would like to see the caucus take.
  6. Senator Robin Taylor expresses his assurance that his Capital Punishment Advisory Vote legislation will pass the House if it reaches the House floor. His SB 60 passed the Senate Thursday by a 13 to 6 vote.
  7. Senator Robin Taylor comments on why he believes the Senate voted to replace the current Marine Highway System's management with an Authority Board. His legislation to form the authority passed the Senate Thursday by a vote of 14 to 5.


  1. Representative Gail Phillips announces that the House Majority Caucus will bring a package of tobacco related legislation designed to curb teen smoking to the House floor for discussion and a vote next week. The measures include: HB 159, HB 189, and SB 13.
  2. Representative Pete Kott comments on the Legislature's successful veto override session of his recently vetoed Partial Birth Abortion legislation.
  3. Senator Loren Leman comments on the Legislature's successful veto override of legislation recently vetoed by the Governor. This legislation seeks to make Alaska's existing Parental Consent legislation enforceable.
  4. Senator Loren Leman responds to the Governor's criticisms of his Parental Consent legislation.
  5. Senator John Torgerson discusses the goals behind the newly formed Alaska Department of Transportation Task Force. The Task Force will search for solutions to ensure Alaska's transportation systems are in compliance with federal regulations and will continue to receive federal funding, assistance, and support.


  1. Representative Eldon Mulder comments on the purpose behind the Deferred Maintenance Task Force's first meeting this Tuesday.
  2. Senator Drue Pearce, Senate Finance Co-Chair, responds to comments Governor Tony Knowles made in a recent press release about the Legislature's Capitol Budget process.
  3. Senator Bert Sharp, Senate Finance Co-Chairman, comments on the Governor's recent claim that the Legislature has punished rural areas of the state with the Legislative Capitol Budget
  4. Senator Bert Sharp expresses his disappointment with the Governor's lack of participation with the budget process.


  1. House Majority Leader, Representative Brian Porter, kicked off a press conference today announcing the Republican-led Majority's accomplishments towards their "Safe Neighborhood" legislative package. This package of bills next goes to the Governor for his signature. Representative Porter and Senator Donley speak to their legislation contained in the package
    = 232 K
  2. Senator Donley concludes his remarks and Representative Al Vezey and Representative Pete Kelly speak to their legislation contained in the package.
    = 215 K
  3. Senator Halford speaks to his legislation contained in the package and to the change in direction the legislature is implimenting; towards giving victims equivalent rights to those given the alleged criminal.
    = 134 K


  1. House Judiciary Chairman, Representative Joe Green, tells why the House and Senate Judiciary Committees held a joint meeting Wednesday. During this meeting committee members questioned the Commissioner of Corrections and Commissioner of Public Safety about an ongoing state trooper investigation into the improper use of the state's confidential computer record system, APSIN.
  2. Representative Joe Green comments on the APSIN investigation and the implications this ethical breach may have with all Alaskans.
  3. Senate President, Senator Mike Miller, comments on the Capitol Budget passing the Senate, Wednesday.
  4. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Bert Sharp, also comments on the Capitol Budget passing the Senate, Wednesday.
  5. Senator Rick Halford describes the effect of his floor amendment to the Senate Capitol Budget that passed the Senate, Wednesday. The amendment seeks to place $661 Million into the principal of the Permanent Fund.


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Mark Hanley, and Senate Finance Co-Chair, Drue Pearce, announce an unexpected windfall for Alaskan cities. Due to changes the legislature made in the retirement law last session and capital gains in the stock market, the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) governing board recently decided to decrease the employer contribution percentage. This will result in over $15 Million in savings for local governments.
    = 213 K
  2. Senate Judiciary Chairman, Senator Robin Taylor, comments on Commissioner Ron Otte's testimoney in the joint Judiciary hearing held Wednesday. Commissioner Otte confirmed that the Criminal Investigation Division of the State Troopers are actively investigating the unresolved cases of improper uses of the state's confidential APSIN computer system.
  3. Senator Jerry Ward comments on the passage of his Privatization Task Force legislation, SB 68, from the House Wednesday.


  1. Representative Con Bunde highlights in a press conference the package of bills transmitted to the Governor on Friday to improve education in Alaska. Representative Bunde talks about his teacher and student certification legislation.
  2. Representative Con Bunde concludes his remarks by talking about his legislation that expands Alaska's Boarding School program. Senator Gary Wilken discusses the legislature's full funding of education in this year's budget.
  3. Representative Gary Wilken concludes his remarks by commenting upon Alaska's foundation formula. Representative Fred Dyson talks about his legislation that prohibits part-time students from being discriminated against by public schools.
  4. Senator Loren Leman is sharply critical of Governor Knowles' voteo of his environmental self audio legislation, SB 41.
  5. Senator Bert Sharp reflects upon the passage of his tobacco tax legislation.


  1. Representative Al Vezy comments on today's joint veto override session. He also describes the effects his HB 112. The new law provides that if a party has registered voters equal to three percent of the votes cast for governor, they will be recognized as a political party by the state, regardless of whether they run a candidate for Governor.
  2. Senator Loren Leman reflects upon the Legislature's override of the Governor's veto of his Environmental Self Audit bill, SB 41.
    = 61 K
  3. Senate President, Senator Mike Miller, comments on the three bills passed during today's veto override session; SB 41, SB 136, and HB 112.
    = 43 K
  4. Senator Bert Sharp talks about his reaction when he read the Governor's veto message.
    = 73 K


  1. Senator John Torgerson talks about the organizational meeting the Legislature's DOT Task Force held Tuesday.
    = 79 K


  1. Senator Dave Donley expresses his pleasure at seeing Governor Knowles sign his "No Frills Prison" legislation into law today.
    = 84K
  2. Senator Dave Donley details the Republican-led Majority's plan to address overcrowding problems throughout the State's youth detention facilities.
    = Dave Donley, 62K

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