Alaska State Legislature
1998 Audio Clip Archive


June - December


  1. Senate Finance Committee member, Senator Dave Donley, comments on the Governor's signing of HB 375 and the bill's bipartisan support. The measure is an omnibus rewrite of Alaska's child protection statutes.
    = Dave Donley, 77 K
  2. Senator Dave Donley, Chairman of the Anchorage Caucus, talks about Tuesday's meeting with Anchorage municipal officials.
    = Dave Donley, 75 K
  3. House Health, Education, and Social Services Committee Chairman, Representative Con Bunde, also comments on the Governor's signing of HB 375.
    = Con Bunde, 56 K


  1. Rep. Pete Kelly, sponsor of HB 16, comments on the importance of ensuring that juvenile offenders understand there are consequences for their illegal actions.
    = Pete Kelly, 87 K
  2. Rep. Ramona Barnes, who chaired the Legislative Task Force that began the process of authorizing development of stranded gas resources, comments after today's ceremony.
    = Ramona Barnes, 57 K
  3. Rep. Mark Hodgins, who carried HB 393 in the Legislature, comments on the importance of developing Alaska's stranded gas reserves.
    = Mark Hodgins, 63 K
  4. Joe Ryan talks about SB 354 and HB 252. Rep. Ryan sponsored companion legislation ( Sponsor Statement ) in the House similar to SB 354 and discusses the potential benefits of the trust industry to Alaska. Rep. Ryan also discusses HB 252, which he sponsored. The measure tightens Alaska's sex offender laws.
    = Joe Ryan, 96 K
  5. Rep. Brian Porter discusses HB 7, which he sponsored. This law authorizes voluntary mediation between juvenile offenders and their victims in lieu of court proceedings.
    = Brian Porter, 56 K


  1. Senator Loren Leman, Chairman of the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, discusses AIDEA and today's reauthorization of the agency's bonding authority.
    = Loren Leman, 65 K


  1. Senator Robin Taylor responds to the Governor's vetoing of SB 17, which he sponsored. The measure criminalizes the knowing transmission of HIV from one individual to another.
    = Robin Taylor, 97 K


  1. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, discusses HB 458 which the Governor signed into law. The measure establishes a golf course alcoholic beverage license to allow beer and wine sales on golf courses and extends the termination date of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board.
    = Norman Rokeberg, 41 K


  1. Senate Finance Committee member, Senator Sean Parnell, comments on the Governor's signing of SB 360 Tuesday. The measure authorizes the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to issue bonds to pay for $199.6 million deferred maintenance and capital items.
    = Sean Parnell, 24 K
  2. House Health, Education, and Social Services Committee Chairman, Representative Con Bunde, talks about legislation newly signed into law that would permit injured workers to return to the workplace while still receiving some Medicaid benefits.
    = Con Bunde, 58 K
  3. Represenative Beverly Masek talks about her snowmobile registration measure which is expected to be signed into law Thursday.
    = Beverly Masek, 104 K


  1. Representative John Cowdery discusses how his measure, HB 189, restricts tobacco access to minors. The measure was signed into law Thursday.
    = John Cowdery, 78 K


  1. Representative Con Bunde, Chairman of the House Health, Education, and Social Services Committee, discusses the Governor's signing of HB 369 into law.
    = Con Bunde, 56 K


  1. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Robin Taylor, gives his reaction to the Governor's signing the Majority Budget into law. The Governor vetoed all legislative intent language contained in the bill.
    = Robin Taylor, 40 K
  2. Anchorage Caucus Co-Chairman, Senator Dave Donley, reports on recent changes to a federal transportation funding program that will dramatically speed up the planning process for Anchorage road projects.
    = Dave Donley, 105 K


  1. Senator Tim Kelly, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Military Bases, comments on Anchorage's and Fairbanks' efforts to keep their military bases.
    = Tim Kelly, 14 K


  1. Senator Bert Sharp, co-chair of the Electric Utility Restructuring Committee, comments during Thursday's meeting that electric utility deregulation or rate restructuring hasn't always worked in the best interests of the small individual consumer in other areas Outside.
    = Bert Sharp, 38 K
  2. Representative Norman Rokeberg, co-chair of the Electric Utility Restructuring Committee, says this issue will likely impact every Alaskan's pocketbook.
    = Norman Rokeberg, 60 K


  1. Senate President, Senator Mike Miller, states that today's (Tuesday) announcement of a new gas project sponsor agreement by ARCO and others is very positive news for Alaskans.
    = Mike Miller, 34 K
  2. House Speaker, Representative Gail Phillips, says today is a red letter day with the announcement of a new gas project sponsor agreement by ARCO and others.
    = Gail Phillips, 70 K
  3. Speaker Phillips comments that members of the Alaska Legislature have been working many years to get to this point in bringing Alaskan gas to market.
    = Gail Phillips, 48 K
  4. Speaker Phillips reflects that a gas pipeline will greatly impact Alaska. She comments that Alaskan communities and state government learned many valuable lessons from the oil pipeline and will handle future development better.
    = Gail Phillips, 67 K


  1. Senator Jerry Ward expresses his excitement at being appointed to represent Alaska on the National Conference of State Legislators Executive Committee.
    = Jerry Ward, 18 K
  2. Senator Ward comments that he was honored by the support of members of the National Council of Native American Legislators in his nomination.
    = Jerry Ward, 47 K
  3. Senator Ward discusses the objectives and goals he hopes to accomplish while a member of the NCSL Executive Committee.
    = Jerry Ward, 36 K


  1. U.S. House Speaker, Congressman Newt Gingrich, comments to reporters about the impact visiting Alaska makes on Washington DC legislators and officials in the federal goverment who make decisions. Congressmen Clay Shaw and Dan Miller also reflect on the great diversity and differences between states.
    = U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 142 K
  2. Speaker Gingrich describes some of the things he and others are learning on their "Northwest Passage" trip to Alaska.
    = U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 82 K
  3. Speaker Gingrich responds to a reporter's question about meeting with local representatives of environmental groups.
    = U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 47 K


  1. Senator Drue Pearce observes that Speaker Gingrich bases his land development decisions on science and suggests that having congressional members come to Alaska to observe Alaska's land use issues is beneficial in that decision making process.
    = Drue Pearce, 36 K
  2. Speaker of the Alaska State House, Representative Gail Phillips, thanks Congressman Don Young for his assistance in bringing Speaker Gingrich to Alaska and reflects upon the positive aspects of the Northwest Passage tour.
    = Gail Phillips, 51 K


  1. Senator Tim Kelly, Alaska Co-Host of the CSG-West Conference, talks about why holding the conference in Alaska will benefit the State.
    = Tim Kelly, 17 K
  2. Representative Ramona Barnes, Alaska Co-Host of the CSG-West Conference, talks about the purpose of CSG-West.
    = Ramona Barnes, 63 K


  1. Senator Jerry Ward, who attended CSG-West's Saturday Western Water Policy sessions, comments on shared experiences several western states have had with federal attempts to take over water management. Senator Ward stresses the importance of state's controlling their own management destinies.
    = Jerry Ward, 115 K
  2. Representative Scott Ogan, who attended CSG-West's Saturday Western Water Policy sessions, expresses frustration with Federal Department of Interior abuses in attempting to take over Alaskan water management. He further discusses the importance of networking with legislators from other states in presenting a unified voting block when dealing with federal bureaucrats.
    = Scott Ogan, 109 K


  1. Elaine Alquist, California Assembly Member, chaired the CSG-West Smart States Committee Saturday, which focussed primarily on Y2K interconnectivity in the West. State officials shared ideas about legislative solutions followed by presenters who gave overviews of Y2K’s far reaching effects on the utility, banking and telecommunications industries.
    = Elaine Alquist, 135 K
  2. During the Sunday CSG-West Energy and Minerals Committee meeting, Alaska House Speaker Gail Phillips gave an Alaska perspective on issues affecting access across state and federal lands throughout the west.
    = Gail Phillips, 93 K
  3. During Sunday's CSG-West Energy and Minerals Committee meeting, Mark Mills, president of Mills, McCarthy and Associates of Chevy Chase, Maryland, presented an examination of how facts and data are shaping the ongoing global warming debate.
    = Mark Mills, 170 K


  1. Co-Chairman of the Alaska State House Resources Committee, Representative Scott Ogan, comments on a resolution he offered and passed in the Public Lands Committee during today's CSG-West Conference. The resolution asks the federal government to amend any statute, law, or regulation that violates a states' constitution. He also reflects on the Public Lands Committee's position that the Western Governor's Association Principles for Environmental Management is a flawed document. "We feel the position they took ... would compromise state's rights on a variety of environmental issues.
    = Scott Ogan, 121 K
  2. Representative Norman Rokeberg, who attended today's CSG-West Electrical Industry Restructuring Committee sessions, compares electrical restructuring efforts made in other states and speculates on the impacts this process will have in Alaska.
    = Norman Rokeberg, 124 K


  1. Senator Dave Donley, sponsor of Ballot Proposition 1, issues a statement in response to the State Supreme Court's decision today to remove the measure from November's ballot.
    = Dave Donley, 88 K
  2. Representative Ramona Barnes, Alaska Co-Host of the CSG-West Conference, reports on the accomplishments of the 4 day legislative conference and discusses the importance to Alaska of the resolutions passed during the conference.
    = Ramona Barnes, 137 K
  3. Representative Jeannette James gives her impressions of the CSG-West Conference.
    = Jeannette James, 43 K


  1. Senator Jerry Ward comments on some of his responsibilities when he attends the National Conference of State Legislature's Executive Committee meeting October 2-3 in Denver, Colorado.
    = Jerry Ward, 51 K


  1. Representative Brian Porter discusses the recent trip a legislative delegation made to the Russian Far East. Representatives Brian Porter and John Cowdery met with leaders from both the public and private sectors to explain how Alaska's constitution and legal system work with the private sector to encourage trade and business opportunities.
    = Brian Porter, 62 K
  2. Alex Ponomarev, a member of the Sakhalin Alaska Consulting Group, discusses the possible impacts of Alaska's trade relationships with the Russian Far East on the current fiscal crisis in Russia.
    = Alex Ponomarev, of the Sakhalin Alaska Consulting Group, 55 K


  1. Outgoing Senate President Mike Miller reflects upon his experiences as presiding officer in the Senate over the past two years and wishes incoming Senate President Drue Pearce the best of luck in the next legislative session
    = Mike Miller, 19 K
  2. Incoming Senate President Drue Pearce talks about the record number of republican senators elected this term and the goals and strengths of her new coalition.
    = Drue Pearce, 60 K


  1. Representative Brian Porter, newly named House Speaker designee for the upcoming 21st Legislature, announces the House Majority Organization structure in boxes 1 and 2.
    = Brian Porter, 125 K


  1. Senate President Elect, Senator Drue Pearce responds to the Department of Revenue's grim fall revenue forecast today. She calls upon the governor to take immediate, specific, and aggressive actions to staunch the flow of red ink.
    = Drue Pearce, 140 K


  1. Incoming Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell comments on the Governor's budget submitted today.
    = Sean Parnell, 43 K


  1. Senator Loren Leman comments on the final report of the Electrical Rate Restructuring Committee given to the Legislature today.
    = Loren Leman, 132 K
  2. Representative Norman Rokeberg, chairman of the Electrical Rate Restructuring Committee also comments on the Committee's final report.
    = Norman Rokeberg, 84 K
  3. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Gene Therriault, discusses are recent survey of wage and benefits of Alaska State employees.
    = Gene Therriault, 32 K

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