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  1. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, comments on the passage of the State's Operating Budget from the Senate Finance Committee Friday and on the areas that received extra funding.
    = Sean Parnell, 37 K
  2. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator John Torgerson, states that when the State doesn't have enough revenue to meet every need than Alaskans are forced to make some hard choices.
    = John Torgerson, 38 K
  3. Senator Drue Pearce talks about railroad and non-tanker ship oil spills and how Alaska needs to quickly put into place oil spill cleanup and containment legislation for these types of oil transport vessels.
    = Drue Pearce, 73 K
  4. Senator Loren Leman talks about his bill that would phase out the usage of TBT marine anti-fouling paints on large marine vessels
    = Loren Leman, 71 K
  5. Representative Lisa Murkowski, during a floor speech Friday, talks about legislation that would require health care insurance companies to pay for on-going day to day diabetes care.
    = Lisa Murkowski, 87 K
  6. Representative Murkowski concludes her comments about diabetes health care and details the items the legislation would require health care companies to cover.
    = Lisa Murkowski, 165 K
  7. Representative Alan Austerman describes the effects of his Salmon Marketing Report legislation.
    = Alan Austerman, 121 K
  8. Representative Bill Hudson explains that his measure extends the moratoria for hair crab and scallop fisheries during a floor speech Friday.
    = Bill Hudson, 161 K
  9. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, describes what HB 420 would do during a floor speech Friday. The bill makes changes to the State's tourism and marketing campaign.
    = Gene Therriault, 127 K
  10. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, explains his motivations for introducing HB 422. The measure stiffens worker's compensation laws and eliminates mandatory compensation for alcohol and drug caused injuries, 03-31-00
    = Norman Rokeberg, 148 K
    1. 03-30-00

      1. Senate Finance Committee Member, Senator Gary Wilken, comments on public opinion supporting University of Alaska funding.
        = Gary Wilken, 76 K
      2. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, comments on additional funding put into the University of Alaska's budget by the Senate Finance Committee. These funds are to be used in the classroom to provide coursework geared toward jobs in Alaska's future.
        = Sean Parnell, 56 K
      3. Senate Finance Committee Member, Senator Dave Donley, discusses an amendment that he offered that adds additional funding to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This amendment would keep alternative Anchorage DMV offices open during the time construction work will minimize access to the Dowling Road DMV office.
        = Dave Donley, 89 K
      4. Senator Donley describes his motivations for offering an amendment where he proposes to increase funding to the State Prosectuor's office in response to increased funding for the public defenders office.
        = Dave Donley, 101 K


      1. Representative Bill Hudson carries House Bill 416 on the floor, which lowers the minimum age for insurance coverage of prostate cancer screening from 50 to 40 years for the general public and 40 to 35 years for high risk., 03-29-00
        = Bill Hudson, 37 K
      2. Representative Norman Rokeberg discusses HB 416, which came about by Mike Miller, a four year prostate cancer survivor, and the bill notes that about 800 additional Alaskan men have been diagnosed with this disease during Mr. Miller's illness. 03-29-00
        = Norman Rokeberg, 30 K
      3. Representative Con Bunde also discusses HB 416, which passed the House today, unanimously, 03-29-00
        = Con Bunde, 40 K
      4. Senator Loren Leman speaks about his SB 247, which passed the Senate Wednesday. The measure would allow veterans staying in nursing homes to receive their longevity bonus if the cost of their care is paid for by veterans' benefits, private resources or a combination of veterans' benefits and private resources., 03-29-00
        = Loren Leman, 94 K


      1. State Affairs Committee Chairwoman, Representative Jeannette James, explains what her HB 116 would do during her floor speech Tuesday. She outlines the groups supporting the bill.
        = Jeannette James, 89 K
      2. Rep. James concludes her comments by explaining what the bill, HB 116, would do. The measure creates the Board of Agriculture and Conservation, an eight-member commission comprised of seven people involved in grass-roots commercial agriculture and the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources.
        = Jeannette James, 176 K
      3. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, discusses the details of his legislation, HB 380, during a floor speech Tuesday. The bill creates an insurance tax credit for contributions to the Alaska Fire Standards Council (AFSC) for fire services training programs.
        = Gene Therriault, 96 K
      4. Rep. Therriault concludes his comments by discussing the motivations behind the introduction of this bill. HB 380 creates a mechanism by which the insurance companies operating in Alaska can help pay the costs of developing state standards. This should help decrease property loss and injuries or deaths due to fires.
        = Gene Therriault, 76 K
      5. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder urges the passage of his HB 42 during a floor speech Tuesday. The measure would help prevent frivolous lawsuits by requiring parties to a lawsuit and their attorneys to be truthful and responsible in their pleadings. If the claim is intentionally false, both attorney and the party can be assessed financial damages causes by the untruth.
        = Eldon Mulder, 188 K
      6. Rep. Mulder concludes his comments by explaining his motivations for intruducing HB 42 by stating that Alaska law contains no effective way to hold parties responsible for frivolous holdings and claims and that frivolous pleadings and claims increase the costs of litigation for all parties involved.
        = Eldon Mulder, 129 K
      7. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, comments on the Senate's passage of the "Missions and Measures" bill Tuesday. SB 281 helps give Alaska's public a better tool with which to measure the delivery of services state government provides.
        = Sean Parnell, 31 K
      8. Senate Finance Committee Member, Senator Gary Wilken, commenting on the "Missions and Measures" bill, SB 281, Tuesday explains that the Alaskan public will have more confidence in increasing educational funding if measurable standards are in place.
        = Gary Wilken, 58 K
      9. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator John Torgerson, states its time to "roll up our sleeves and finish putting together this year's operating budget".
        = John Torgerson, 21 K


      1. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, stipulates that children's issues were of primary importance in this year's senate operating budget.
        = Sean Parnell, 39 K
      2. Senate Finance Committee member, Senator Gary Wilken, refects on testimony heard during Thursday night's hearing on the "Operating Budget". He comments that the priorities he heard voiced from the public seem to focus on children's issues and funding for the University.
        = Gary Wilken, 25 K
      3. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chair, Senator John Torgerson, comments on the wide range of speakers heard during Thursday nights testimoney on the State "Operating Budget".
        = John Torgerson, 37 K
      4. Senate President, Senator Drue Pearce, talks about the prospects for opening ANWR and the impacts this would have on the environment and the american public.
        = Drue Pearce, 90 K
      5. Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, comments on the final passage of the State's "Supplemental Budget" Bill. He describes some of the programs included in this year's bill.
        = Sean Parnell, 52 K
      6. Representative Ramona Barnes suggests the Alaska State Legislature should officially express its disappointment with Exxon for filing suite to prevent the Phillips from purchasing ARCO's Alaska interests.
        = Ramona Barnes, 133 K
      7. Representative Ramona Barnes further concludes her comments by stating that Alaska's legislators need to send a strong message to Exxon's management expressing their disappointment in Exxon's recent actions.
        = Ramona Barnes, 117 K
      8. Representative Andrew Halcro speaks about his HB 218 during Friday's floor session. The measure would establishes a process for museums to follow in order to clarify title on unclaimed objects.
        = Andrew Halcro, 96 K


      1. Representative John Harris explains his measure during Thursday's floor session. HB 204 removes some of the obstacles to elk farming in Alaska by transferring the oversight responsibilities for domestic elk breeding and farming from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to the Division of Agriculture. The bill passed the House unanimously and now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = John Harris, 84 K
      2. Represenative Fred Dyson describes what HB 255 would do during his floor speech, Thursday. The measure would permit an existing second class city or unincorporated area to form a "home rule community" government structure under state law and to flexibly define its scope of governing powers and services to meet specific area needs. HB 255 passed the House unanimously and now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = Fred Dyson, 10 K
      3. Representative Con Bunde explains the actions of HB 318 during his floor speech, Thursday. HB 318 allows private individuals who responsibly deliver property to a law enforcement agency to own that property after one year if possession of that property by that private individual is otherwise legal. HB 318 passed the House unanimously and now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = Con Bunde, 74 K
      4. Representative Jeannette James describes her motivations for introducing HB 382 during Thursday's floor session. The measure amends the current laws relating to social worker licensing by allowing for the temporary licensing of newly hired social workers for up to one year until they can obtain their social worker licenses. HB 382 passed the House 35-2.
        = Jeannette James, 123 K
      5. Representative Jeannette James explains the reasons she introduced HB 297 during Thursday's floor session. The bill allows the relocation of a health care facility to a new site in the same community without a Certificate of Need, provided that there is not increase in the services offered. HB 297 passed the House unanimously.
        = Jeannette James, 165 K
      6. Representative Norman Rokeberg tells House members, during a floor speech Thursday, that HB 310 updates Alaska's statutes to conform to new model legislation proposed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The bill, sponsored by the House Labor and Commerce Committee, would protect the public in the event a property or casualty insurer becomes insolvent. The Association pays policyholders and claimants if the insurance company fails. HB 310 passed the House unanimously.
        = Norman Rokeberg, 126 K


      1. Seante Finance Budget Subcommittees are four weeks ahead of schedule. Senator Sean Parnel explains what they have accomplished so far.
        = Sean Parnell, 15 K
      2. The Alaska Senate passed Senate Bill 177, sponsored by Senator Dave Donley, the Alaska Insurance Consumers Protection Act. Senator Donley explains why his Insurance Consumer Protection Act is necessary to protect Alaskans.
        = Dave Donley, 24 K
      3. Senate Finance C-Chair John Torgerson explains some of the Senate Finance Budget Subcommittees' important priorities.
        = John Torgerson, 18 K
      4. House Majority Leader, Representative Joe Green, talks about HB 414. The measure clarifies the requirements for service on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC). The Alaska House of Representatives passed the bill Wednesday.
        = Joe Green, 77 K
      5. Representative Carl Morgan, during his floor speech defending his HJR 56, explains that several other states have also taken steps to protect hunting and fishing in their states from outside special interests. The measure would remove wildlife management issues from the ballot initiative process in Alaska.
        = Carl Morgan, 66 K
      6. Representative Morgan gives a recent example of an extremist and radical animal rights group targeting Alaskan Musher Randy Brooks without any proof, facts, or data to support their animal cruelty allegations.
        = Carl Morgan, 128 K
      7. Representative Morgan concludes his floor speech by stating that he is personally offended that these radical groups from outside Alaska give native alaskans no consideration for their historical and cultural history.
        = Carl Morgan, 139 K


      1. Representative Gail Phillips, during a Tuesday Morning press conference, talks about on-going efforts by various legislators to formulate a Long-Range financial plan. She mentions that former Governor Jay Hamond supports the plan she, and others, have unveiled.
        = Gail Phillips, 65 K
      2. House Finance Committee Member, Representative Alan Austerman, during Tuesday's press conference, explains that part of the plan unveiled Tuesday takes some of the interest earnings off of the Constitutional Budget Reserve.
        = Alan Austerman, 42 K
      3. Representative Lisa Murkowski draws an analogy to a three legged stool during Tuesday's press conference, saying that the plan unveiled would require funds from a variety of sources if it is to be a balanced solution. She goes on further to state that in her opinion Alaskans, Alaskan industry, and state investments will all need to contribute toward the solution.
        = Lisa Murkowski, 76 K
      4. Representative Bill Hudson, in Tuesday's press conference, comments on the impacts the September PFD vote had on current plans to resolve the budget gap. This plan does not completely fill the gap from permanent fund sources.
        = Bill Hudson, 79 K
      5. Rep. Hudson continues his comments and details some of the specific numbers included in this Long-Range plan. He further mentions that if the status quo is maintained the permanent fund dividend program will end once the constitutional budget reserve is used to fill the gap.
        = Bill Hudson, 61 K
      6. Representative Andrew Halcro, during Tuesday's press conference, says his constituents trust him to make the correct choices when he says there is a problem.
        = Andrew Halcro, 30 K
      7. Senator Dave Donley talks about the Senate's unanimous passage of his SB 268. The measure mandates 99 year sentances for those who commit murder during robberies.
        = Dave Donley, 87 K
      8. Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator John Torgerson, discusses his motivations for placing funds in the state budget to re-open several state highway maintenance stations, including the North Kenai Maintenance Station. "The decrease in service created a situation that was not safe for those traveling in the area," said Senator Torgerson. "Many of our children travel by school bus along the highways that were affected by the maintenance closures, causing concern for their safety if the roads can not be maintained to reasonable levels.
        = John Torgerson, 80 K


      1. Representative Bill Hudson explains his motivations during a House floor speech Monday for introducing HB 335. The measure addresses federal laws, court settlements, and other technical issues to update State laws regarding retirement and benefits. The bill also includes some efficiency measures requested by the retirement board.
        = Bill Hudson, 109 K
      2. Representative Bill Hudson concludes his remarks on HB 335.
        = Bill Hudson, 123 K
      3. Representative Andrew Halcro gives a floor speech during Monday's House session explaining what HB 357 does. The House passed the measure which permits corporations to issue preferred stock which can be redeemed at the shareholder's option.
        = Andrew Halcro, 97 K


      1. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, during floor debate on the State Operating Budget, congratulates all the Alaskans, members, and staff who participated in the budget process.
        = Eldon Mulder, 87 K
      2. Representative Mulder discusses how the process this year did not nickle and dime agencies to the point where it would impair their ability to do the mission the Legislature has directed them to do.
        = Eldon Mulder, 67 K
      3. Representative Mulder congratulates his co-chair on fully funding medicaid and other programs so the expectation for supplimental budget requests next year should be lower.
        = Eldon Mulder, 105 K
      4. Representative Mulder discusses the innovative Pro-Share program and how it will be used to do more with less in the Medicaid program.
        = Eldon Mulder, 80 K
      5. Representative Jeannette James, during floor debate on the Operating Budget, comments on how the administration needs to weigh into the process of suggesting responsible decreases in the state budget.
        = Jeannette James, 34 K
      6. House Military and Veterans Affairs Chairwoman, Representative Lisa Murkowski, during a floor speech described what Representative Harris' measure would do. HB 289 mandates that the Alaska Marine Highway System and the Alaska Railroad provide free transportation, on a space-available basis, for members of the Alaska National Guard, the Alaska Naval Militia, and the Alaska State Defense Force who are en route to or from drill, training, or other official militia activities.
        = Lisa Murkowski, 63 K


      1. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, explains during his floor speech the actions of HB 275. The House passed the measure Wednesday which further refines the Uniform Probate Code to continue enhancing the estate planning climate in Alaska.
        = Gene Therriault, 56 K
      2. Representative Gail Phillips, during her floor speech, explains the actions of HJR 48. The measure asks the United States Congress to amend a new law scheduled to go into effect in March, 2001, to exempt Canadian citizens from requirements to document every non-U.S. citizen entering or leaving the United States. HJR 48 passed the House 36-0 and now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = Gail Phillips, 54 K
      3. Senator Jerry Ward expresses his pleasure at the House's passage of his bill, HJR 12. The measure designates March, 2000 as Sobriety Awareness Month.
        = Jerry Ward, 43 K
      4. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder comments on general fund spending on "Municipal Revenue Sharing" in this year's operating budget. The measure, HB 312, was debated on the House Floor for most of Wednesday afternoon and evening. Rep. Mulder notes that GF funding for Municipal Revenue Sharing is unchanged in this year's proposed operating budget.
        = Eldon Mulder, 48 K
      5. Rep. Mulder continues his comments and holds out hope there may be other funding sources that can be used to boost Municipal Revenue Sharing.
        = Eldon Mulder, 44 K
      6. House Transportation Committee Chairman, Representative Andrew Halcro, during floor debate on the operating budget notes that the State of Alaska provides hundreds of millions of dollars in services wich are paid for with local taxes in other states.
        = Andrew Halcro, 38 K


      1. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Robin Taylor, explains his motivations for introducing SB 6. The measure, which passed the Senate Finance Committee Thursday, would dramatically increase the amount of state land available for sale to the public.
        = Robin Taylor, 35 K
      2. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Senator John Torgerson, comments on the potential impacts Senator Robin Taylor's land sale measure, SB 6, might have on Alaska's economy.
        = John Torgerson, 21 K


      1. Senator Pete Kelly explains why he believes the legislature overwhelmingly voted to not confirm Leo Keeler to the Board of Game, Wednesday.
        = Pete Kelly, 30 K
      2. Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, explains what a supplemental budget is and how it fits into Alaska's entire budget system.
        = Sean Parnell, 41 K
      3. Senator Sean Parnell concludes his remarks by detailing some of the items in this year's supplemental budget.
        = Sean Parnell, 24 K
      4. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, comments on the speed of the operating budget process and amicable relations with the Minority.
        = Gene Therriault, 25 K
      5. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, expresses his pleasure at getting the operating budget to the House floor this quickly in the session. He than talks about the House Finance Committee's budget goals and their efforts towards meeting the Majority's $30 Million 5th year budget reduction goal.
        = Eldon Mulder, 25 K
      6. House Judiciary Committee, Representative Pete Kott, during a floor speech, explains HB 296. The measure would updates statutes regarding the Alaska Uniform Partnership Act. HB 296 passed the House unanimously on Wednesday and now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = Pete Kott, 38 K


      1. House Speaker, Representative Brian Porter, responds to Representative Eric Croft comments about double dipping and the upcoming legislative break.
        = Brian Porter, 60 K


      1. Senator Loren Leman describes what his measure, SB 266, would do. The bill would the eliminate use of toxic TBT paint on large marine vessels which helps to protect alaska waters and sea life, 03-07-00. SB 267 passed the Senate Monday.
        = Loren Leman, 50 K


      1. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, expresses his appreciation to the House Finance Committee and all the Alaskans who participated in this year's budget process and testified before the committee.
        = Eldon Mulder, 30 K
      2. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, also thanks the public for their participation and testimony in this years budget deliberations. He also reflects upon and contrasts the differences in public testimoney between this year's and past year's testimoney during the budget process.
        = Gene Therriault, 76 K


      1. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, during a speech on the House floor Friday describes the contents of this year's supplemental appropriations bill, HB 343. The measure passed the House 36-0 Friday. The vote to reappropriate funds from the CBR for the Longevity Bonus Program was 36-0. HB 343 now moves to the Senate for consideration.
        = Eldon Mulder, 33 K
      2. Representative Mulder continues his description and explains the bill, HB 343, was considerably pared down from the Governor's request and summarizes the criteria used in deciding which projects where included.
        = Eldon Mulder, 33 K
      3. Representative Mulder lists some of the items included in this years's supplemental appropriations bill, HB 343.
        = Eldon Mulder, 33 K
      4. Representative Mulder notes Power Cost Equalization is funded in this year's supplemental bill, HB 343, and then concludes his remarks
        = Eldon Mulder, 33 K
      5. House Rules Chairman, Representative John Cowdery explains his motivations for introducing HB 180. The measure prohibits adults from knowingly allowing a minor to enter or remain in the presence of the use, manufacture, delivery, or display of drugs. The crime would be punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. HB 180 passed the House on a 25-11 vote Friday.
        = John Cowdery, 57 K


      1. House Resources Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Bill Hudson, speculates that his Boating Safety measure, HB 108, is the most important piece of legislation he has every sponsored. The bill passed the House Wednesday.
        = Bill Hudson, 34 K
      2. Representative Hudson continues his floor speech on HB 108. He describes what actions the bill takes to impliment a boat registration and boating safety program in Alaska.
        = Bill Hudson, 46 K
      3. Representative Bill Hudson concludes his floor speech on HB 108. He demonstrates and explains some of the safety measures mandated in the legislation that will be implimented if it passes into law.
        = Bill Hudson, 31 K
      4. House Health, Education, and Social Services Committee Chairman, Representative Fred Dyson, explains the need for adjusting Alaska's Charter School legislation. HB 191 passed the House Wednesday.
        = Fred Dyson, 35 K
      5. Representative Fred Dyson details the actions his measure, HB 191, would make to existing Charter School Law.
        = Fred Dyson, 76 K
      6. House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Representative Pete Kott, explains his motivations for introducing his measure, HB 288, which would help fight against domestic violence and child abuse. The bill unanimously passed the House Wednesday.
        = Pete Kott, 22 K
      7. Senate President, Senator Drue Pearce, gives an update on SB 273. The measure, would require non-tanker vessels and the railroad to provide the Department of Environmental Conservation with an oil discharge prevention and contingency plan and provide proof of financial responsibility. Currently, Alaska is the only West Coast state that has not extended its contingency plan and financial responsibility laws to include non-tank vessels.
        = Drue Pearce, 34 K

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