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  1. Senator Lyda Green discusses her reasons for introducing SJR 35 Monday. The measure would preserve the methods for determining Permanent Fund Dividends and inflation proofing of the fund as they exist today, and require a vote of the people to change them in the future.
    = Lyda Green, 37 K


  1. Senate President, Senator Drue Pearce, explains why she introduced her measure to allow gender-based health clubs to provide services to single-gender members.
    = Drue Pearce, 33 K


  1. Senate Finance Committee, Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, explains why the majority introduced budget bills today to bypass the Governor's traditional budget proposal.
    = Sean Parnell, 27 K
  2. Senator Parnell compares where Alaskans would be today if they had accepted the Governor's budget proposals without question.
    = Sean Parnell, 17 K
  3. House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, relates how accepting the Governor's proposed budget every year builds in cumulative increases.
    = Eldon Mulder, 21 K
  4. Representative Mulder suggests that bypassing the Governor's traditional budget proposal and starting with last year's budget is the last point of agreement between the majorities and the Governor.
    = Eldon Mulder, 43 K
  5. Representative Mulder states that until Alaskans come up with a viable long term fiscal plan its prudent for the Legislature to show fiscal restraint.
    = Eldon Mulder, 46 K


  1. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, discusses a package of bills he introduced today that would limit legislative sessions to 60 days and that would allow committees to move bills, hold meetings and take votes via teleconference during the interim
    = Norman Rokeberg, 12 K
  2. Representative Rokeberg talks further about HCR 18. The measure would allows interim committees to conduct business and take substantive action while the the Legislature is not in session
    = Norman Rokeberg, 40 K
  3. Representative Rokeberg comments on related legislation, HB 234, that would create a fair and equitable competition for the construction of a new state capitol building for Alaska.
    = Norman Rokeberg, 17 K
  4. Representative Rokeberg sums up the goals of his proposal. = Norman Rokeberg, 8 K


  1. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Jerry Mackie, announces his proposal which proposes an amendment to the state constitution changing how permanent fund earnings are used. If approved by the voters in the November 7, 2000 general election, there would be a one-time payment from the fund of $25,000 to every Alaskan eligible for the dividend and the dividend program itself would terminate. All future earnings would then be available to protect the fund from inflationary effects and to balance the budgets of state government operations.
    = Jerry Mackie, 33 K
  2. Senator Mackie talks about who would be eligible under the program and how it would work.
    = Jerry Mackie, 43 K
  3. Senator Mackie comments on the political realities his proposal faces.
    = Jerry Mackie, 21 K
  4. Senator Loren Leman comments on the Royal Caribean Cruise line settlement announced recently.
    = Loren Leman, 132 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, discusses the governor's bonding proposal to deal with deferred maintenance needs in Alaska's schools.
    = Eldon Mulder, 50 K
  2. Representative Mulder contrasts features of the Majority's bonding package with that of the Governor's.
    = Eldon Mulder, 28 K
  3. Representative Mulder points-out just how large the State's deficit would be had the Republican-led legislature not aggressively and successfully pursued spending reductions during the 1990s.
    = Eldon Mulder, 44 K
  4. Speaker of the House, Brian Porter, notes that the positive crime and welfare statistics cited by the governor are due, in large part, to actions taken by the legislature which were, at times, opposed by others.
    = Brian Porter, 33 K
  5. Speaker Porter says the hard decisions the legislature must face are harder than many people realize.
    = Brian Porter, 15 K


  1. Senate Rules Chairman, Senator Tim Kelly, describes his Alaska Higher Education Savings Trust proposal.
    = Tim Kelly, 22 K
  2. Senate President, Senator Drue Pearce, tells reporters during today's unveiling of the Majority's "Commitment to Alaska" for the upcoming year how the Majority prefers to lay out its goals early and be accountable to its constituencies for the those goals.
    = Drue Pearce, 30 K
  3. Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator John Torgerson, during today's press conference outlines some of the Majority's economic development goals.
    = John Torgerson, 35 K
  4. Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator Sean Parnell, coments on the Majority's goal to have a smaller - smarter state government that is results based for Alaskan citizens.
    = Sean Parnell, 22 K
  5. House Speaker, Representative Brian Porter, introduces today's press conference and talks about the Majority's goal for a long range fiscal plan.
    = Brian Porter, 33 K
  6. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, speculates on the divergence of opinion on what the September 14th Permanent Fund vote means to Alaskans and how the Legislature must get good value for its money.
    = Eldon Mulder, 50 K
  7. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Gene Therriault, comments on our spending situation and how the State must engineer a reduction in spending this year.
    = Gene Therriault, 35 K
  8. House Majority Leader, Representative Joe Green, predicts that Alaskans will find a leaner and more effective state government at the end of this session.
    = Joe Green, 25 K

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