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District 7 - Republican

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Click image for large 5'' x 7'' picture, 110.0k Session:
State Capitol, Room 411
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-2689
Fax: (907) 465-3472
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345 W Sterling Highway, Suite 102
Homer, AK 99603
Phone: (907) 235-2921
Fax: (907) 235-4008

Elected to the House 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998


   Pat Hartley 465-3768 (Jan-May)
235-2921 (June-Dec)
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   Judi Jordan 465-2646
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   Loretta Marx 465-2689 (Jan-May)
235-2921 (June-Dec)
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   Cora Miller 465-3768 (Jan-May)
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   Scott Petsel 465-4708 (Jan-May)
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Date/Place of Birth: May 15, 1944; Juneau, Alaska
Occupation: Public Service
Spouse: Walter
Children: Robin, Kim
Residency in Alaska: Lifelong: Juneau, Nome, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Homer.


High School - Nome High School, 1958-62
College/University - University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1962-67, B.A. Business Education.
Post Graduate - University of Alaska, Miscellaneous Courses.
Political and Government Positions:
State Representative, 1991-present; House Speaker, 1995-1998; House Majority Leader 1993-1994.
Chair: House Special Committee on Economic Development & Tourism; Legislative Budget & Audit Committee.
Member: Finance Committee; Rules Committee; Legislative Council; Oil & Gas; Military & Veterans Affairs; World Trade & State & Federal Relations.
Legislative Organizations:
Member: Energy Council Executive Committee, CSG-West Executive Committee, National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL), Council of State Governments (CSG), American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Western States Coalition (WSC).
Business and Professional Positions:
Partner, Lindphil Mining Company, 1983-present;
Owner, Quiet Sports Store, 1978-1984;
Station Manager, Wien Air Alaska, 1978-79;
Executive Secretary, Wein Air Alaska, 1975-78;
Executive Secretary, Western Airlines, 1969-75;
Business Education Teacher, Nome High School, 1967-69.
Service Organizations and Community Involvement:
State Secretary, Republican Party of Alaska, 1982-88;
University of Alaska College Fellows;
University of Alaska Alumni Association;
Past Chair and Board Member, Kenai Peninsula College Council;
Board Member, Resource Development Council;
Member, Commonwealth North;
Past Member, Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly;
Past Member, Homer City Council;
Homer Emblem Club;
Pioneers of Alaska; Homer United Methodist Church.
Special Interests:
Family and friends, politics, mining, statewide transportation improvements.
biography last updated 04/08/00

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Personal Legislation

Prime Sponsor of the Following Legislation

HB 23 : An Act classifying anadromous streams and tributaries; relating to the designation of riparian areas; establishing buffers on certain streams and relating to slope stability standards on certain streams; and requiring retention of low value timber along certain water bodies where prudent.
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HB 29 : An Act requiring that the cost of contraceptives and related health care services be included in health insurance coverage.
HB 106 : An Act making special appropriations for education from the earnings reserve account.
HB 107 : An Act authorizing an advisory vote on whether appropriations of income from the permanent fund should be restricted; and providing for an effective date.
HB 240 : An Act providing for the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $64,821,000 for the purpose of paying the cost of design, construction, and maintenance of capital improvements at the University of Alaska; and providing for an effective date.
HB 280 : An Act relating to the international airports in Anchorage and Fairbanks and establishing the Alaska International Airport Authority; and providing for an effective date.
HCR 8 : Urging the Alaska Railroad Corporation to select an Alaska company for the design and construction of three rail barges and the charter and operation of tugboats for service between Seattle and Alaska as indicated in the Request for Proposal 99-13-18685.
HCR 9 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 33 Take a Kid Hunting Week.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 2 : Proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to a biennial state budget, to the appropriation limit, and to appropriations from the budget reserve fund.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 11 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 8 Urging the United States Congress to pass legislation to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, to oil and gas exploration, development, and production.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 14 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 12 Relating to the National Museum of Women's History and the National Museum of Women's History Alaska Council.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 20 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 16 Urging the Congress to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to eliminate the marriage penalty by providing that income tax rate bracket amounts, and the amount of the standard deduction, for joint returns shall be twice the amounts applicable to unmarried individuals.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 28 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 6 Requesting that the National Marine Fisheries Service and the United States Congress act immediately to reverse the decline of the Cook Inlet beluga whale population and to regulate the harvest of the beluga whales in Cook Inlet until the beluga whale population has recovered.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 33 : Urging the United States Senate to decline to ratify the treaty from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change adopted in December 1997 at Kyoto, Japan.
| Sponsor Statement |
HJR 48 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 40 Relating to the free flow of people and the fair trade of goods and services across the border between the United States and Canada.
| Sponsor Statement |

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Co-Sponsor of the Following Legislation

HB 17 : An Act relating to the calculation of employee contributions and credited service in the public employees' retirement system for noncertificated employees of school districts, regional educational attendance areas, the Alaska Vocational Technical Center, and the state boarding schools; and providing for an effective date.
HB 71 : Passed! Chapter 13 SLA 99 An Act establishing Kawerak, Inc., as the regional housing authority for the area that includes the Seward Peninsula, Unalakleet, and St. Lawrence Island.
SB 73 : An Act relating to assisted living homes; and providing for an effective date.
HB 77 : Passed! Chapter 6 SLA 99 An Act relating to the Joint Armed Services Committee, a permanent interim committee of the Alaska State Legislature; and providing for an effective date.
HB 80 : Passed! Chapter 7 SLA 99 An Act relating to a state employment preference for certain members of the Alaska National Guard.
HB 93 : An Act relating to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's rural assistance loan program and to the definition of 'housing' for purposes of the corporation's housing assistance loan program; and providing for an effective date.
HB 96 : An Act relating to deposits to the Alaska permanent fund; and providing for an effective date.
HB 108 : Passed! Chapter 28, SLA 2000 An Act relating to the use, operation, and regulation of boats; establishing a uniform state waterway marking system; and providing for an effective date.
HB 120 : An Act providing education funding for the Alaska National Guard Challenge Youth Corps program and relating to limited teacher certificates to allow persons to teach in the program; and providing for an effective date.
HB 134 : An Act relating to the authority of the Department of Natural Resources to issue citations for certain skiing violations; relating to establishing a bail schedule for certain skiing violations and to procedures for issuing a citation for a skiing violation.
HB 155 : An Act relating to municipal assembly forms of representation and apportionment.
HB 159 : Passed! Chapter 121, SLA 2000 An Act relating to municipal assembly forms of representation and apportionment.
HB 165 : An Act relating to school crisis response planning.
HB 166 : An Act relating to a mining extension division at the University of Alaska.
HB 226 : Passed! Chapter 52, SLA 2000 An Act relating to credited service under the teachers' retirement system for education employees on leave without pay or receiving workers' compensation benefits because of certain on-the-job injuries.
HB 236 : Passed! Chapter 53, SLA 2000 An Act relating to credited service in the teachers' retirement system for part-time employment.
HB 238 : Passed! Chapter 127, SLA 2000 An Act establishing a federal tax obligation loan program under the commercial fishing loan program; and providing for an effective date.
HB 253 : Passed! Chapter 114, SLA 2000 An Act relating to a school disciplinary and safety program; and providing for an effective date.
HB 270 : Passed! Chapter 57, SLA 2000 An Act relating to payment for certain examinations in cases of sexual assault.
HB 298 : Passed! Chapter 23, SLA 2000 An Act requiring that health care insurers provide coverage for treatment of diabetes.
HB 411 : An Act relating to the market value of the permanent fund and to distribution of income of the permanent fund; and providing for an effective date.
HCR 19 : Designating the month of March as Women's History Month and urging all Alaskans to join in the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, 2000.
HJR 8 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 1 Relating to a national ballistic missile defense system.
HJR 9 : Urging the President of the United States and the Congress to act to ensure that federal agencies do not retain records relating to lawful purchase or ownership of firearms gathered through the Brady Handgun Bill instant check system.
HJR 21 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 4 Relating to new evaluation and selection criteria for military base realignment and closure actions.
HJR 39 : Urging the United States government to purchase surplus pink salmon for aid packages to the Balkans.
HJR 54: Passed! Legislative Resolve 37 Relating to urging the exclusion of national forests in Alaska from President Clinton's proposal for withdrawal of roadless areas in the national forest system.
HJR 56 : Passed! Legislative Resolve 48 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alaska prohibiting certain initiatives relating to wildlife.
HR 7 : Passed! House Resolve 7 Relating to declaring March 1999 as Sobriety Awareness Month.
SB 3 : Passed! Chapter 54 SLA 99 An Act relating to the crimes of murder, solicitation to commit murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide; relating to homicides of children; relating to registration as a sex offender or child kidnapper; relating to the crime of interference with custody of a child or incompetent person; and providing for an effective date.
SB 73 : Passed! Chapter 83 SLA 2000 An Act relating to assisted living homes; and providing for an effective date.
SB 186 : Passed! Chapter 3 SLA 00 An Act relating to a University of Alaska postsecondary education savings program, to the Alaska Higher Education Savings Trust, and to the Alaska advance college tuition savings fund; and providing for an effective date.
SB 193 : Passed! Chapter 48 SLA 2000 An Act relating to the payment of wages and claims for the payment of wages.
SB 231: Passed! Chapter 22, SLA 2000 An Act naming the Alaska Native Veterans' Honor Bridge.
SB 247 : Passed! Chapter 55, SLA 2000 An Act relating to eligibility of certain persons who receive veterans' benefits for longevity bonus payments; and providing for an effective date.

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Archive of Past Legislation

Measures sponsored or co-sponsored by Representative Gail Phillips

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District Information

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Legislative, Budget and Audit Committee

Gail Phillips

Gene Therriault Randy Phillips, Vice-Chair
Con Bunde Sean Parnell
Gary Davis Rick Halford
Eric Croft Gary Wilken
Eldon Mulder, alternate Al Adams
  Drue Pearce, alternate

Dale Anderson, Committee Aide
State Capitol, Room 507
Juneau, AK 99801
phone: (907) 465-6872

The Regional Learning Center progress report and questionnaire can be found at the links below. Please print out the questionnaire(s) and return them via snail mail to Dale Anderson at the address above or use the on-line version below.

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