22nd Alaska State Legislature
Representative Bill Williams (R)
District 1 - Saxman

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State Capitol, Room 515
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-3424
Fax: (907) 465-3793

50 Front Street, Suite 203
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: (907) 247-4672
Fax: (907) 225-8546

716 W 4th Avenue, Suite 360
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 269-0129
Fax: (907) 269-0128

Elected to the House 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000


Peter Ecklund 465-3424 (Jan-May)
269-0129 (June-Dec)
Randy Ruaro 465-3424 (Jan-May)
247-4672 (June-Dec)
Nelda Stewart 465-3424
Mike Tibbles 465-3424 (Jan-May)
269-0129 (June-Dec)

House Committee Memberships

Court System Finance Subcommittee
Environmental Conservation Finance Subcommittee
Finance Committee
Governor Finance Subcommittee
Legislative Affairs Agency Finance Subcommittee
Committee on Committees
Legislative Budget & Audit Joint Committee

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Prime Sponsor of the Following Legislation

HB 78 : AHFC's Small Community Housing Loans
An Act making a temporary change to eligibility requirements for small community housing loans from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

HB 213 : Initiative/Referendum Petitions
An Act relating to initiative and referendum petitions; and providing for an effective date.
| Sponsor Statement |

HB 248 : PERS Benefits for Juvenile Institution Employees
An Act relating to retirement contributions and benefits under the public employees' retirement system of certain juvenile detention employees and juvenile correctional institution employees.
| Sponsor Statement |

HB 312 : Supplementary Public School Funding/Youth Academy
An Act relating to the delay of the reduction of supplementary public school funding; relating to funding the Alaska Challenge Youth Academy program; and providing for an effective date.
| Sponsor Statement |

HB 496 : Public Utilities Exempt From Regulation
An Act providing that a utility or electric operating entity owned and operated by a political subdivision of the state competing directly with a telecommunications utility is not subject to the Alaska Public Utilities Regulatory Act.
| Sponsor Statement |

HJR 25 : Constitutional Amendment: Initiative/Referendum Petitions
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to initiative and referendum petitions.
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Co-Sponsor of the Following Legislation

HB 119 : Public Utility Joint Action Agencies
An Act exempting certain joint action agencies from regulation by the state or municipalities; relating to the relationship between certain joint action agencies and the public utilities that form the joint action agencies; relating to powers and immunities of certain joint action agencies; requiring filing of certain joint action agency agreements; relating to the financial affairs of certain joint action agencies; declaring certain joint action agencies to be political subdivisions for certain purposes; relating to liability and indemnification of officers, employees, and agents of certain joint action agencies; and defining 'agency agreement' and 'parties to the agency agreement' as used with reference to certain joint action agencies.
| Sponsor Statement (Companion Bill SB 84 - Passed!) |

HB 171 : Alaska History Curriculum
An Act relating to a curriculum for Alaska history; and providing for an effective date.

HB 172 : Therapeutic Drug and Alcohol Courts
Passed! Chapter 64 Session Law 2001
An Act relating to therapeutic courts for offenders; to the authorized number of superior court judges; amending Rule 35, Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and providing for an effective date.
| Sponsor Statement | Sectional Analysis |

HB 285 : Alaska's State Song
An Act adding a second verse to the official Alaska state song.
| Sponsor Statement |

HB 368 : Fishery Enhancement Loans
An Act authorizing the commissioner of community and economic development to refinance and extend the term of a fishery enhancement loan.
| Sponsor Statement |

HCR 12 : Foreign Ships and U.S. Longshoremen
Passed! Legislative Resolve 43
Relating to the preservation of employment opportunities for United States longshoremen with respect to unloading and loading of foreign vessels.

HJR 6 : Roadless Policy
Passed! Legislative Resolve 4
Relating to opposition to the inclusion of national forests in Alaska within former President Clinton's Roadless Area Conservation rule and supporting the overturning of this inclusion by litigation, by congressional action, or by action of President Bush.
| Sponsor Statement |

HJR 33 : Support War On Terrorism & Support Peace
Passed! Legislative Resolve 48
Expressing gratitude to President George W. Bush, to the President's cabinet, to the men and women of the United States armed forces, and to the United States Congress and declaring support for the war on terrorism and for the President's effort to support democracies and promote peace worldwide.
| Sponsor Statement |

SB 79 : Fred Zharoff Memorial Bridge
Passed! Chapter 11 Session Law 2001
An Act naming the Fred Zharoff Memorial Bridge.
| Sponsor Statement |

SCR 28 : Joint Legis Salmon Industry Task Force
Passed! Legislative Resolve 53
Establishing the Joint Legislative Salmon Industry Task Force.
| Sponsor Statement |

SJR 14 : Oppose Canadian Fee to Transport Firearms
Passed! Legislative Resolve 18
Urging President Bush, the United States Department of State, and the United States Congress to intervene and negotiate with the government of Canada to reconsider the imposition of a fee to transport firearms through Canada.
| Sponsor Statement |

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