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Sponsor Statement for SJR 14
Oppose Canadian Fee to Transport Firearms

Urging President Bush, the United States Department of State, and the United States Congress to intervene and negotiate with the government of Canada to reconsider the imposition of a fee to transport firearms through Canada.
Released: March 14, 2001
Contact: Senator Robin Taylor's office at (907) 465-3873

The United States and Canada have had an open border and friendly relations for decades. Unfortunately, forces within the Canadian National Government have implemented a new law and regulations which require visitors to Canada to declare their firearms before entering Canada at a Canadian Customs Station, complete a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form and pay a $50 fee.

Not only is the fee and the registration an unexpected and inconvenient process, as such was never previously required, but it is a violation of certain principles held dear by Americans and constitutionally protected in the United States.

Gun registration is too often a precursor to confiscation, as most recently seen in Australia and British Columbia, Canada. Furthermore, all of the registration and personal information obtained through this process is to be shared with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) and other state and federal agencies in the United States. Thus, by legally going on a guided hunt in Canada, agencies will receive information on United States citizens that they have no right to obtain under United States law. The implementation of these policies by Canada is offensive to Alaskans who must travel through Canada to reach the Lower 48 States.

It is shocking that our "friends" in Canada have chosen to treat Alaskans and all United States citizens in this manner, as there is NO history of United States citizens crossing the border to misuse firearms in Canada.

Our "friends" in Canada should remember that it was terrorists living in Canada who were recently arrested as they crossed the border in an attempt to wreak havoc in Washington State!

Neither Alaska nor any of the other states currently has the dubious reputation possessed by certain Canadian Provinces as a safe harbor for terrorists and violent criminals.

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