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Sponsor Statement for SB 295
Licensing - Disclosure of Minors Records

An Act relating to the disclosure of information regarding delinquent minors to certain licensing agencies; and providing for an effective date.
Released: March 18, 2002
Contact: Gwendolyn Hall, Legislative Aide to Sen. Pete Kelly, at (907) 465-2327

Both State and Federal laws currently require all child and adult care licensing authorities to review criminal histories of every individual, aged 16 and older, who is seeking either a care license, employment with a care provider, or residing in the home of a care provider seeking licensure.

Criminal history information for persons under 18 is not accessible through the Alaska Public Safety Information Network, but is available through the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Yet due to the language in the current statute, the division may release certain information for specific situations to only a few of the licensing agencies. The fact that an applicant may have a son living in the home who is a convicted child molester could be kept from a licensing agency because of the limitations on the division's authority to release that information.

This bill will give the Department of Health and Social Services clear authority to provide all child and adult care licensing agencies access to appropriate delinquency information. This will help facilitate the licensing of suitable individuals as well as help ensure quality of care and safety concerns are met for every client receiving services in a care facility or program.

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