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Sponsor Statement for SB 242
Concealed Handgun Permittees

An Act relating to concealed handgun permittees.
Released: March 1, 2002
Contact: Darrell Thomas, Legislative Aide to Sen. Robin Taylor, at (907) 465-3717

A statutory revision is needed to further clarify the recognition of concealed handgun permits from other states. The 21st Legislature passed SB 294, a bill I sponsored, which provided for the recognition of permits from states with permit requirements similar to Alaska, and from states which recognize Alaska's permits. SB 294 also directed the Department of Public Safety to determine which states and political subdivisions grant reciprocity to Alaska permit holders and distribute the list to each law enforcement agency in this state. The department has yet to fully implement this statutory requirement, some sixteen (16) months later.

This legislation will simplify the process by plainly recognizing all permits issued by other states. In so doing, the burden on the department of having to evaluate all the other states' laws to determine which ones recognize Alaska permits, as well as the subjectivity on the part of the department in determining which other states' statutes are similar to Alaska law will be removed.

SB 242 will better serve the public and permit holders.

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