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Sponsor Statement for HCS for CSSB 72 (RES)
Take a Child Hunting Season

An Act relating to 'take-a-child-hunting' seasons for big game.

Last Updated: March 29, 2001
Contact: Senator Pete Kelly at (907) 465-2327

SB 72 would allow the Board of Game to establish big game hunting seasons before the school year starts in the fall and before the regular hunting season begins for Alaskans. Currently, many children begin their school year before the start of hunting season and are unable to share the experience with their families. Under this legislation, families will have the opportunity to enjoy time together and learn important aspects of our hunting culture.

SB 72 requires the Board of Game to limit use of the "extended season" to children accompanied by a resident parent, stepparent, or legal resident guardian. This legislation allows only the resident parent, stepparent, or legal resident guardian to assist the child in the taking of big game.

However, a big game animal taken in the extended season will be counted against the bag limits of both the child and the adult. SB 72 gives the Board authority in determining appropriate game units for implementation.

This legislation gives families the opportunity to learn the valuable lessons of self-sufficiency together.

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