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Sponsor Statement for HJR 37
Alaska Airlines 70th Anniversary

Congratulating Alaska Airlines on its 70th Anniversary.
Released: February 12, 2002
Contact: Representative Pete Kott's office at (907) 465-3777

This House Joint Resolution celebrates 70 years of service to the State of Alaska by Alaska Airlines. It offers congratulations on this significant landmark in the airline's corporate history and provides a special thank you for the important role Alaska Airlines plays in "The Great Land."

From its humble beginning as McGee Airways in 1932 with a single engine, three- passenger Stinson with one destination, Alaska Airlines has grown into a viable and well regarded regional airlines with a fleet of jet planes and a 19-page schedule to over 80 airports. Alaska Airlines' history footnotes the history of the 49th State capturing the pioneering spirit synonymous with the "Land of the Midnight Sun."

Alaska Airlines is often the sole provider of commercial service between the State's far-flung communities. It connects the people in remote villages and small towns of the "Last Frontier" with Alaska's larger cities and those cities across America and six international destinations. Alaska Airlines serves a critical role - hauling in food and other necessities, and hauling out the fish and other products that are the foundation of our State's economy. Alaska Airlines is a large part of our tourism industry - and many times provides the first hospitality received by visitors to our State.

Alaska Airlines continues to distinguish itself with outstanding services, and it leads with improving technologies and equipment. For example, it was the first airline in the world to integrate the Global Positioning System with the latest in Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System technology thereby triangulating the plane's position in three dimensions for improved navigation. The skill of its pilots is unequaled, as recently evidenced when the Olympic flame was transported on Alaska Airlines at the request of Delta's president. Alaska Airlines was also the first airline to book travel and sell tickets via the Internet. Alaska Airlines often leads the way.

The Alaska State Legislature congratulates Alaska Airlines.

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