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Sponsor Statement for SSHB 508
Dive Fishery Associations/PSP Reports

An Act relating to publication of results of testing for paralytic shellfish poisoning by the Department of Environmental Conservation and to participation of the Department of Environmental Conservation in the development of operating plans of qualified regional dive fishery associations.
Released: April 17, 2002
Contact: Representative Drew Scalzi's office at (907) 465-6890

The standard practice of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) for posting of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) results is to send the results by facsimile to interested parties usually within one hour of obtaining results. HB 508 requires ADEC to post these results on its official internet web site within this existing time frame rather than sending them by facsimile. The burden is shifted to the interested public to access the site to obtain results. The site will also act as a central database for PSP test results. This change will eliminate numerous calls from the public to the ADEC lab and eliminate duplicative effort by its personnel. Posting on the website will also provide equal public notification.

In 1977, the legislature created the statutory authority for the creation and assessment capability of qualified regional dive fishery associations. The Southeast Alaska Regional Dive Fisheries Association (SARDFA) was formed upon passage of this legislation and has been working with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) to develop the commercial dive fishery in southeast Alaska since that time.

Sponsor Subsitute for House Bill 508 adds ADEC to the planning process for the development of the fishery's annual operating plan. While ADF&G manages the fisheries, ADEC is responsible for certifying water quality and PSP levels for shellfish. In developing annual operating plans involving species subject to PSP, times, areas, and levels of testing must be included. Having ADEC officially participate in the planning process creates a more coordinated and successful operating plan and fosters the private/public partnership.

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