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Sponsor Statement for HB 474
Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

An Act relating to public rights-of-way and easements for surface transportation affecting the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.
Released: April 22, 2002
Contact: Representative Joe Green at (907) 465-4931

The Alaska State Legislature created the Potter Point State Game refuge in 1971, later expanding it to form the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (ACWR) in 1988. ACWR runs 16 miles along Anchorage's coastline, from Point Woronzof to Potter Marsh.

The ACWR is one of few coastal salt marshes in Cook Inlet, in part because Fire Island protects the refuge from the ice scour that ravages other Cook Inlet shorelines. Because of it's unique habitat, it is heavily used by waterfowl and shore birds, as well as other animals including coyotes, bears, moose, lynx and hares.

House Bill 474 would provide an extra layer of protection for this fragile habitat by creating a notification and waiting period before the State of Alaska may acquire or create any new surface transportation easements in the refuge. If any new easements are proposed through ACWR, the Legislature must be notified by February 1 of the next session, and the state may not proceed until 45 days later. This will allow the Legislature time to review any public comment on the proposed easement and take action to alter or prohibit the easement if it is deemed necessary.

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