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Sponsor Statement for HB 390
ASMI Salmon Marketing

An Act relating to terroristic threatening.
Released: February 22, 2002
Contact: Representative Lesil McGuire's office at (907) 465-4695

House Bill 390 extends the termination date of certain activities and salmon marketing programs of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and the salmon marketing tax.

Under current uncodified law, the salmon marketing activities and programs of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute described in AS 16.51.100 (7) - (9) terminate on June 30, 2004. The salmon marketing tax described in AS 43.76.110 - 43.76.130, which supports certain ASMI activities and the ASMI's domestic salmon marketing program, terminates June 30, 2003. HB 390 would extend those activities and programs, and the tax for an additional five years.

In addition, HB 390 amends AS 43.76.120 (d) to permit salmon marketing tax revenue to be appropriated for use in ASMI's international salmon marketing program as well as for use in its domestic salmon marketing program. These changes would assure the continuation of the important work of ASMI and would provide greater flexibility in the marketing of Alaska salmon in the international marketplace.

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