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Sponsor Statement for HB 320
Authorizing Electronic Ballots
"The Frank Haas Act"

An Act relating to the use of electronic ballots.
Released: January 21, 2002
Contact: Representative Joe Green at (907) 465-4931

Every registered voter in Alaska should be able to cast his or her ballot privately and securely. Unfortunately visually impaired Alaskans are not able to do so. To vote, a blind individual must take a sighted person into the voting booth to read the ballot out loud and assist them in casting their vote.

House Bill 320 makes two changes to current statute to help alleviate this problem. It removes the requirement that ballots be printed on paper, and allows the Division of Elections to purchase electronic, paper-less balloting equipment. The bill also requires that any electronic balloting equipment purchased by the Division after the effective date of the bill be visually impaired accessible.

While passage of this bill will not provide every visually impaired person in Alaska instant access to this new technology, it is a first and necessary step in the process. This bill lays the foundation for future accommodations, while recognizing that to immediately purchase a large quantity of new balloting equipment isn't wise in Alaska's current fiscal situation.

Frank Haas, a long-time Alaskan, was an active advocate for the visually impaired community. He lobbied state legislators and the Division of Elections for many years to provide large-print ballots for visually impaired voters. HB 320 has been named in his honor because it continues the work he started; to allow those who are visually impaired the opportunity to cast their ballot privately.

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