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Sponsor Statement for HB 298
Legislative Approval of Railroad Leases

An Act relating to legislative approval of certain land leases by the Alaska Railroad Corporation.
Released: January 22, 2002
Contact: Representative Lisa Murkowski's office at (907) 465-5031

At the request of the Alaska Railroad Corporation, I have introduced House Bill 298, extending the length of time the Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) can lease lands within its Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seward and Healy terminal reserves from the current 35 years to 55 years.

This change in statute will help cultivate economic development in communities along the Railbelt by making commercial and residential development on Alaska Railroad lands more viable. On any existing ARRC lease with a term longer than 35 years, an option to extend leases beyond that time includes a termination clause. This clause allows the ARRC to terminate any lease after 35 years in the event the land is needed for railroad purposes.

While the 35-year lease limit is adequate for most of ARRC's tenants, it is an obstacle in leasing lands to large commercial and residential developers who need to secure long-term financing for their investments. Financial lenders are reluctant to invest in large-scale projects requiring substantial equity participation when there is no guarantee the land will be available beyond 35 years. It will also make ARRC's leasing practices more consistent with other state agencies. Both the University of Alaska and the Department of Natural Resources can lease land for up to 55 years.

The proposed extension of allowable lease term is supported by the following businesses, individuals and organizations: Anchorage Historic Properties, Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Services, Mel Tipton (Ship Creek tenant and commercial developer), Seward Ship's Drydock, Inc., Dowl Engineers, Northrim Bank, AIDEA, Yukon Fuel, Kantishna Holdings, Inc., A&A Construction and Development, Inc., the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, City of Seward, Anchorage Assembly, and Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. I urge your support of this legislation.

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