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Sponsor Statement for HB 210
Statute of Limitations - Sexual Assault

An Act relating to sexual assault and sexual abuse of a minor.
Released: April 9, 2001
Contact: Representative Kevin Meyer at (907) 465-4945

House Bill 210 amends existing law by removing the statute of limitation on sexual assault.

Currently, there are two crimes that do not have a statute of limitation, murder and sexual abuse of a minor. HB 210 adds sexual assault to this list of extreme crimes against a person. The prosecution of sexual assault should not be limited by time. Sexual assault has life long impacts on victims, their families and friends, and our society.

New technology in DNA testing and evidence collection is allowing greater efficiency and certainty in proving crimes. New scientific procedures used in evidence collection and testing better preserve the purity of evidence. If sexual assault can be proven even 20 years from the time it occurs, our state laws should protect a victim's right to justice.

HB 210 provides the opportunity to prosecute a felony sexual assault involving penetration no matter how much time has passed.

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