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Sponsor Statement for HB 180
Youth Services - Regulation & Task Force

An Act relating to persons who provide services related to children; establishing a legislative task force on child services; and providing for an effective date.
Released: April 29, 2002
Contact: Representative Lesil McGuire's office at (907) 465-2995

In order to continually seek ways to better protect Alaska's children in certain child care facilities, precautions must be taken in order to ensure that they are being supervised by individuals who are moral, responsible, and committed to their positive growth.

HB 180 conforms to the Adoption & Safe Families Act (ASFA) passed by Congress in 1997, which takes further steps to promote safety and permanence of children.

HB 180 brings current statutes into compliance with federal licensing requirements in the areas of prohibited crimes and provides standards for mandatory denial of licenses to foster homes, residential childcare facilities, residential psychiatric treatment centers, child placement agencies and maternity homes. HB 180 limits the State from approving or licensing any person that has been convicted of a felony involving child abuse or neglect, spousal abuse, a crime against a child, a crime involving violence and other offenses. HB 180 also requires licensed providers to notify the department if they discover that an administrator, member of their household, foster parent, volunteer or staff person has been convicted of any serious offense.

HB 180 also creates a "Task Force" to research the topic of criminal background checks for other entities that provide services to children.

HB 180 seeks to shield children from those who have past records of misconduct. HB 180 not only protects children, but also deters those individuals who have a history of misconduct from pursuing similar behavior in the future.

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