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Sponsor Statement for HB 137
Records of Veterans

An Act relating to record to veterans of the armed forces: and providing for an effective date.
Released: April 24, 2001
Contact: Representative Mike Chenault's office at (907) 465-3779

This bill will eliminate the requirement that recording offices of the Department of Natural Resources periodically provides the bureau of vital statistics in the Department of Health and Social Services copies of separation papers submitted to the various recording offices by veterans of the armed forces. It will also eliminate that requirement that the bureau of vital statistics maintain a record of veterans' separation papers compiled from copies of reports received from the recording offices and information submitted to the bureau by veterans.

The requirement for two state agencies to retain the same records is duplicative and unnecessary. The state's recording systems is the official depository of all recorded documents. Although the two agencies above are legally required to retain the separation papers, the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs also stores these documents as a courtesy.

Veterans' separation papers are recorded free of cost to the veteran. Copies of the document when requested are also free. Recording is voluntary and benefits the veteran.

This bill emphasizes that there are need be only one repository for these official papers and eliminates duplicative government processes.

I appreciate your consideration and urge your support for this bill.

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