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Sponsor Statement for HB 129
Free Park Permits: Disabled Vets/Sr. Citizens

An Act relating to lifetime state park developed campsite permits.
Posted: March 4, 2002
Contact: Representative Beverly Masek's office at (907) 465-2679

This bill was introduced to support our older Alaskans. Seniors have every right to enjoy the beauty of our great state. Many have made a long term contribution to Alaska's economy and community. Senior citizens generally find them selves on a fixed income. The Alaska Commission on Aging reports that the average annual income of an Alaskan senior citizen is $8,097. Alaska has many other programs that recognize this. Persons sixty years and older are able to receive a hunting and fishing license at no charge. Renter's rebates had been available for those sixty-five and over for many years. We now allow auto tax exemptions, exemptions for fees for property appraisals, food distribution, financial and medical assistance, energy assistance, and free college tuition. Giving our older Alaskans use of our parks would encourage their participation in wholesome outdoor activities that will enhance their quality of life. HB-129 is a reasonable recognition of our elders' contribution to our state.

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