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Sponsor Statement for HB 113
Health Insurance Payments

"An Act relating to health care insurance payments for hospital or medical services; and providing for an effective date."
Released: March 20, 2002
Contact: Representative Joe Green at (907) 465-4931

House Bill 113 builds upon a national trend to develop fair payment provisions that enable health insurance companies to make sound business decisions while ensuring that patients receive benefit payments in an appropriate time frame. This concept of "prompt pay" legislation has been successfully adopted and implemented by 39 states.

House Bill 113 requires health insurers to pay benefits within thirty calendar days of receiving a "clean claim". If a payment is not made on time, the insurer is charged interest on the outstanding claim. HB 113 also establishes a definition for "clean claim" that recognizes an insurance company's need to make payment decisions based upon complete and accurate information.

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