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Sponsor Statement for HB 48
No Social Security Number Required on Hunting/Fishing License

An Act eliminating a requirement that a social security number be provided by an applicant for certain hunting or sport fishing licenses, tags, and permits; eliminating a requirement that applications for certain licenses and tags be sworn to by the applicants before an officer authorized to administer oaths; and providing for an effective date.

Released: January 8, 2001

A requirement to provide your social security number before obtaining a recreational hunting and fishing license was a recent federal mandate accepted by the legislature under the Smart Start legislation of 1998. My efforts in getting HB 311 passed through the House last year proved there was much concern among Alaskans about protecting the privacy of their social security numbers. Unfortunately, the end of session prevented its passage in the Senate.

The Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division took note of this and recently won a waiver from the federal requirement for three years. In approving the waiver the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement recognized that the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend databases is a more appropriate way to track parents who have delinquent child support payments.

The catch is that the social security number must still be placed on the application because the state law mandating that requirement doesn't expire until June 30, 2001. My effort in introducing this legislation is to repeal the social security requirement so as to protect the privacy of Alaskan's social security numbers in relation to recreational licenses immediately.

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