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Sponsor Statement for HB 39
Vehicle Registration/DWI/Forfeiture

An Act relating to registration of motor vehicles, to operating a motor vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft while intoxicated, and to driving with a cancelled, suspended, or revoked driver's license; relating to duties of the division of alcoholism and drug abuse regarding driving-while-intoxicated offenses; and providing for an effective date.


February 21, 2001

This legislation focuses on those who have committed offenses relating to the crime of operating motorized vehicles while intoxicated.

The number of accidents and deaths attributed to the operation of motor vehicles, while under the influence of alcohol, is an ongoing problem in this state. Alaska ranks near the top with this serious problem. It is imperative that the State takes action in rectifying this problem.

The intent of this legislation is to strengthen the current motor vehicle statutes. Relating to the registration of motor vehicles, proof of insurance and a valid driver's license shall be a requirement to register motor vehicles. Added is the mandatory forfeiture of the motor vehicle or aircraft for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving with revoked or suspended license. Alcohol assessment and education shall be mandatory, during incarceration for DWI offense. Establishes an umbrella group to facilitate continued coordination, monitoring, and exchange of data between interested groups and organizations committed to deter drunk driving.

This legislation is imperative for the State of Alaska and a positive step forward to reduce the number of accidents and deaths that occur on Alaska roads.

I urge your support of this legislation.

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