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Legislature Establishes "Tartan Day"
Measure Honors Scottish Contribution to Alaska and Nation

For Immediate Release:

March 14, 2001


Senator Randy Phillips at (907) 465-4949

(JUNEAU)- The Alaska House unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday recognizing the contribution that those with Scottish ancestry have made to the United States and Alaska.

Scottish Americans have played a major role in the founding of our country, and the governors of nine of the original 13 states were of Scottish ancestry. The Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence was signed on April 6, 1320. The American Declaration of Independence was modeled on the Declaration of Arbroath, and more than half of the people who signed the American declaration were of Scottish descent.

People of Scottish descent have played a significant role in the discovery and exploration of Alaska as well, most notably Captain Cook and many of his crew. Point MacKenzie is one of the many landmarks around the state that honors those Scots. The Scottish Highland Games are held every year in Eagle River, where the traditional Scottish displays of strength and skill are celebrated.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4, sponsored by Sen. Randy Phillips (R-Eagle River), declares April 6, 2001 as Alaskan Tartan Day in recognition of those of Scottish descent to Alaska and to the United States.

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