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Annual Phillips' Questionnaire Results Released

For Immediate Release:

February 28, 2002


Senator Randy Phillips at (907) 465-4949

(JUNEAU) - Sen. Randy Phillips (R-Eagle River), released the results of his annual constituent questionnaire today.

The annual survey has been a Phillips tradition for the past 26 years. He uses his constituents' responses for feedback on issues facing the Legislature annually.

"It is the job of all legislators to represent the people they serve," said Phillips. "I use this questionnaire to stay in touch with the sense of my communities on important issues I am likely to face during session."

Phillips says his questionnaire, though not scientific, is incredibly accurate. "Traditionally my questionnaire has averaged no more than a one-tenth of 1 percent variance in my district when issues I ask on my survey come up on an election ballot," said Phillips.

The questions on this year's survey runs the gambit from the speed limit on the Glenn Highway, to legalized marijuana, to the budget. Phillips says the only criteria for receiving a questionnaire is that the person must have voted in some election in the past four years.

Phillips, a long time proponent of moving the legislative session to a more accessible location, like Anchorage or the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, said the questionnaire gives his constituents just one more way to access a seemingly inaccessible Legislature.

"I believe most people want to have their voice heard by the law makers that represent them," said Phillips. "When my constituents take the time to answer this survey, they can then look at my voting record and see their voices have been heard."

The results of this year's Phillips' questionnaire have been included in this release.

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