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House Bill Renews Missions and Measures
HB 515 Continues Benefits of Results-Based Budgeting for Alaska

Released: April 17, 2002
Contact: Representative Eldon Mulder at (907) 465-2647
Representative Bill Williams at (907) 465-3424

(JUNEAU) State government agencies would continue to be held responsible for achieving their missions, and the Legislature will continue measuring how well they use state funds to provide value for Alaskans, under a bill the House approved unanimously today.

Sponsored by the House Finance Committee, House Bill 515 establishes "missions and measures" for state government for the 2003 fiscal year starting June 30. It continues the Legislature's six-year-effort to ensure that the money invested in government provides Alaskans with the biggest bang for the buck, said Rep. Eldon Mulder (R-Anchorage), co-chair of the House Finance Committee.

"In a time when we're going to be looking at new revenues and asking Alaskans to begin paying the cost of government, missions and measures goes a long ways toward providing Alaskans the assurance that they're getting adequate performance for the investments that we've made in those departments," Mulder said.

Missions and measures are an important tool the Legislature has honed over the past six years to enhance state government accountability, an increasingly important element in the state budgeting process as public awareness of the gap between state revenue and expenditures grows, and as the public evaluates what services they are willing to pay for.

"This bill provides some level of assurance to the Alaska public that they are getting a good deal for the money they invest in specific programs," Mulder said. "And, if they're not, it allows us the opportunity to scrutinize those programs and perhaps make adjustments to either refocus the program or redirect the funds to other programs."

HB 515 moves next to the Senate for consideration.

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