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Rep. Meyer's Contractors Bill Passes House
HB 291 Eases Timetable, Encourages Small Business Growth

Released: February 8, 2002
Contact: Representative Kevin Meyer at (907) 465-4945

(JUNEAU) - In a move aimed at making government regulations less rigid and encouraging small business people to expand their range of expertise, the House today unanimously passed a measure giving contractors more time to apply for a special endorsement after passing the state licensing test.

Rep. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage) said he introduced the bill after a constituent, a contractor who took the state test to add a residential contractor's endorsement to his license, shared his experience of passing the test, but being called out of state by a family emergency before he could apply for the license within the six months allowed.

"Under current law a person must apply for the residential contractor license within six months after successfully completing the exam, but my constituent was out of state and missed the deadline," Meyer said. "His concern was the law did not allow for extenuating circumstances."

According to the state Division of Occupational Licensing, others who pass the test miss the license application deadline because they cannot raise enough money or make other necessary arrangements before applying for their license and starting work as licensed residential contractors, Meyer said. Under current law, applicants who miss the deadline must retake the four-hour test and repay the $75 test fee.

After consulting with the director of occupational licensing, members of the contracting industry and legislative lawyers, it became clear that the simple solution was to extend the amount of time allowed to apply for the license, Meyer said.

"This is a small bill, and it isn't going to give us world peace, but it does make government more user-friendly, and that is important," Meyer said.

HB 291 moves next to the Senate for consideration.

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