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McGuire Seeks Lake Hood Floatplane Solutions
Regulatory Review Committee Takes Up Slip Permitting

For Immediate Release: August 8, 2001
Contact: Jim Pound, Legislative Aide to Rep. Lesil McGuire, at (907) 269-0250

(ANCHORAGE) - Rep. Lesil McGuire (R-Anchorage) today called for an ad hoc group of legislators, airport users and airport managers to address Lake Hood floatplane regulations, after proposed new regulations drew fire at a public hearing Tuesday.

"For a great many Alaskans and their visitors, the Lake Hood seaplane base is the gateway to unmatched wilderness adventures, and it is obvious they care deeply about access to this resource," said McGuire. "It's essential that the procedures we use to grant access to the state-owned floatplane strips are seen to be fair and equitable."

As chair of the Administrative Regulation and Review Committee meeting, McGuire on Tuesday heard testimony objecting to several provisions contained in Title 17 regulations governing the permits through which Alaskans can access floatplane slips at Lake Hood.

Under current regulations, those seeking the prized floatplane permits must wait an average of 12 years before their names rise to the top of a waiting list. But more than 50 members of the public were present Tuesday, many objecting to provisions that would cause them to lose their slip if their aviation medical certificates lapsed for any reason, or they failed to maintain a current floatplane rating.

Others protested provisions that would revoke a permit if the holder did not use the slip at least once a month in the summer, even if family or medical reasons kept the permit holder out of state. General concern was also expressed over allowing state airport officials the right to demand access to a pilot's licenses and certificates, a right now reserved to federal regulators and some law-enforcement officials.

McGuire said the ad hoc group would include legislators, managers of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport responsible for Lake Hood seaplane operations, and representatives from the general aviation community, such as the Alaska Airmen's Association and the Seaplane Pilots Association. The group would address issues relating to the floatplane slips, and forward recommendations to the Regulation Committee, McGuire said. No date has yet been set for the group's meetings.

"The state has been working on airport regulations for years now, and while these regulations are in effect it now appears there are some problems with how they are being implemented," McGuire said. "I believe this group will help us get established on the proper regulatory path, and I look forward to working on these issues."

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