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Donley Spending Cap Passes House Judiciary

Released: February 6, 2001
Contact: Ron Irwin, Senate Majority Press Office, at (907) 465-3803

(JUNEAU) - The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Norman Rokeberg (R-Anchorage), voted to approve Senate Joint Resolution 23, the "constitutional spending limit," Wednesday. The limit, which was introduced by Sen. Dave Donley, (R-Anchorage) and sponsored by the Senate Finance Committee, passed through the Senate last year.

According to Donley, the constitutional spending limit is just one of nine pieces of legislation introduced last year to deal with the growing fiscal gap.

"An effective constitutional spending cap is an essential first step toward long-range fiscal responsibility," said Donley. "This is not just my view, or the Republican Majority's view, but it is the view of a majority of Alaskans from all around the state."

If SJR 23 passes through the House and is approved by the voters, the state would be held to no more than 2 percent growth in new spending each year. Program such as appropriations to the Permanent Fund, Alaska Railroad and others would be exempt from the cap. The legislation also makes concessions for emergency spending increases.

The hour-long public hearing on spending cap legislation was well received by the members of the House Judiciary committee that were present, before the bill was passed by a unanimous vote.

"Money to government is like blood to cancer," said Rep. Scott Ogan (R-Wasilla) "The more blood you give to cancer the more it grows."

The bill now moves to the House Finance Committee.

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