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Knowles Joins Coghill in Protecting Privacy
Governor Signs Bills Limiting Social Security Number Use

Released: June 26, 2001
Contact: Representative John Coghill at (907) 456-5081

(ANCHORAGE) - Rep. John Coghill (R-Fairbanks) today applauded Gov. Tony Knowles for signing legislation Monday limiting the unwarranted use of Social Security numbers by state government in Alaska.

"The Social Security number has unfortunately become a de facto national government ID number, which in the age of identity theft exposes Alaskans to unacceptable threats to their privacy, financial security, and peace of mind," Coghill said. "I'm glad to see the governor demonstrate support for the Legislature's efforts to reduce that risk."

Coghill introduced and won passage of two bills in the recent legislative session that limit the state's use of Social Security numbers. House Bill 110 ends the state's authority to print Social Security numbers on state driver's licenses, and House Bill 48 eliminates the numbers from state residents' fishing and hunting licenses.

The governor signed Coghill's bills into law without ceremony in Juneau. The bills take effect today, providing immediate privacy protection to Alaskans.

The governor then left on a special trip to Anchorage, inviting reporters to the local Child Support Enforcement Division office today to watch him sign Senate Bill 19. Introduced at the governor's request, the bill extends for two years the state's practice of requiring Social Security numbers on child support enforcement orders, divorce decrees, and numerous state license applications.

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