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Developing Our Resources,
Protecting Our Environment

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Alaskans depend heavily on the state's fish, game and other natural resources. Natural resources are the foundation of Alaska's way of life, providing economic, cultural and recreational benefits. The Republican-led Majority continued its commitment to manage the state's resources for the maximum benefit of all Alaskans.

Encouraging Resource Development

SB 164 prohibits leases on the state of Alaska's submerged lands in the Beaufort Sea, removing the proposed "over-the-top" natural gas pipeline route from consideration.

SB 121 improves the right-of-way permitting process by identifying design revisions that constitute a "substantial change" in an application and therefore require restarting the entire administrative process under Alaska's Right-of-Way Leasing Act.

SB 143 requires applicants to reimburse the state's cost to process applications for gas pipeline right-of-way leases, whether or not the lease is granted.

SB 76 increases to 30 years from 10 years the maximum renewal term for right-of-way leases.

SB 16 expands the state's oil spill prevention and response program to cover larger non-tank vessels and railroads shipping bulk oil, and requires them to plan for rapid spill clean-up to minimize environmental damage.

SB 156 amends the Alaska Land Act to clarify that only a single written best-interest finding is required for the sale, lease, or other disposal of state land or resources, or an interest in them.

HJR 19 seeks federal funding of a $100 million digital survey of the state, to replace obsolete U.S.G.S. maps of Alaska with a more accurate digital database.

HJR 6 opposes former President Clinton's inclusion of the Tongass and Chugach National Forests in a national ban on road construction in national forests.

SJR 7 opposes ex-President Clinton's call to review more Bureau of Land Management land in Alaska as possible wilderness, despite ANILCA's "no more" clause.

HJR 7 supports opening the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration and development.

Supporting Our Seafood Industry

HB 154 exempts non-processing fish brokers who pay fish tax each month from certain strict bonding standards, if they post a $50,000 bond or own $100,000 worth of real property in Alaska.

HB 194 stops the state from charging non-resident commercial fishermen three times the resident rate, and lets it collect the maximum amount the state Supreme Court will allow in a pending appeal decision.

HJR 10 encourages U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens' funding of Steller sea lion research, to block closure of North Pacific groundfishing.

SJR 15 supports import restrictions and higher tariffs on imported Chilean farmed salmon.

HJR 26 calls on the National Marine Fisheries Service to base a Steller sea lion research team in Alaska, not Seattle.

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