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Departmental Highlights for Fiscal Year 2002 State Operating Budget

For a full listing of the budget expenditures by department, refer to the full text of House Bill 234.

Department of Administration
The mission of the Department of Administration is to (1) provide centralized management and technology services to state agencies; (2) provide legal and advocacy services for indigent Alaskans; (3) provide programs that promote the independence of Alaska's seniors; (4) provide vehicle licensing and registration. The budget:

  • Increases the allocation to the Alaska Pioneers' Homes by $604,500 for additional staff nurses
  • Adds $250,000 to meet the Office of Public Advocacy's Child in Need of Aid Caseload
  • Allocates an additional $3.6 million for senior services, including $850,000 in grants for senior employment and assisted living programs
  • Increases the Division of Motor Vehicles' budget by almost $300,000, including funding to extend leases on satellite DMV offices that reduce patron congestion

Department of Corrections
The mission of the Department of Corrections is to protect the public by confining, supervising, and rehabilitating offenders under the custody of the department. The budget:

  • Allocates more than $4 million for a new 400-bed jail in Anchorage, to help reduce transportation and other costs of holding Alaska prisoners in facilities scattered around the state or in Arizona
  • Helps fight alcohol and drug abuse by funding a new substance abuse assessment specialist

Court System
The mission of the Alaska Court System is to provide an accessible and impartial forum for the just resolution of all cases that come before it, and to decide such cases in accordance with the law, expeditiously and with integrity. The budget:

  • Increases funding by $337,700 for the maintenance and operation of the new Fairbanks Courthouse
  • Adds extra funds to the Commission of Judicial Conduct's personnel, cutting program underfunding

Department of Education and Early Development
The mission of the Department of Education and Early Development is to support the development of lifelong learners. The budget:

  • Doubles the funding for learning opportunity grants to $12.4 million, including funds for instructional programs to improve student performance on the high school competency exam
  • Provides $50.6 million for pupil transportation for districts across the state, fully funding projected costs, and allowing state K-12 funding to be spent in the classroom
  • Adds more than $5.6 million in federal funds to subsidize child-care for low-income families, eliminating the wait list, and increases the grant to licensed child care providers from $33 to $40 per child/per month for all children, a $3 million total increase in funding
  • Approves $98,700 to ensure that all public libraries are wired and able to connect to the internet
  • Increases the funding by $8.6 million in federal funds to Special Education and Title I Grant programs that provide direct assistance to local school districts
  • Adds $4.6 million in federal funds to reduce class sizes and recruit and retain teachers in our public schools

Department of Environmental Conservation
The mission of the Department of Environmental Conservation is to protect human health and the environment. The budget:

  • Increases state support by $473,100 to the Water Quality program, allowing for extended permits for miners, forest harvesters, seafood processors and other resource industries
  • Provides funding for the first year of activities associated with the BP/ARCO/Phillips Charter Agreement
  • Adds $77,000 in funds and a staff position for cruise ship and railroad environmental compliance monitoring

Department of Fish and Game
The mission of the Department of Fish and Game is to protect, maintain, and improve the fish, game, and aquatic plant resources of the state, and manage their use and development in the best interest of the economy and the well-being of the people of the state, consistent with the sustained yield principle. The budget:

  • Increases the department's budget by $10.6 million from all funding sources, including $560,300 in general funds, and allows additional funding for oil and gas permitting

Department of Health and Social Services
The mission of the Department of Health and Social Services is to promote and protect the health and well being of Alaskans. The budget:

  • Increases the departments budget by $107 million over FY 01
  • Adds $700,000 to the Infant Learning Program to address program's waitlist
  • Allocates $3 million for Tobacco Prevention and Control (some of these funds were authorized in the capital budget bill, SB 29)
  • Provides $225,000 over FY 01 for additional rural human services personnel
  • Funds $1 million for the operation of a new youth corrections center in Ketchikan

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
The mission of the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs is to: (1) provide military forces capable of ready operations; (2) provide for an organized response during emergencies and disasters; (3) train at-risk juveniles; (4) coordinate veterans' programs; and (5) assist agencies in suppressing illegal drugs. The budget:

  • Provides an additional $200,000 for the 24-hour operation of the State Emergency Coordination Center
  • Adds $100,000 to the Military Youth Academy's budget
  • Allocates $493,200 for the Local Emergency Planning Committee Grants program
  • Adds $250,000 for tuition waiver education benefits at the University of Alaska

Department of Natural Resources
The mission of the Department of Natural Resources is to develop, conserve, and maximize the use of Alaska's natural resources consistent with the public interest. The budget:

  • Increases funding for the Division of Oil and Gas by $825.0 to meet challenges in recruitment, retention and filling vacancies
  • Adds $300,000 to the Water Development section to eliminate the water rights backlog
  • Provides $1.1 million for the acquisition and review of 150,000 acres toward statehood entitlement

Department of Public Safety
The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to ensure public safety and enforce fish and wildlife laws. The budget:

  • Increases funding for the Alaska State Troopers by $1,560,000 and provides 6 more officers
  • Adds $320,000 for Fish and Wildlife Protection to provide 2 more officers
  • Provides $250,000 statewide for forensic crime lab support, funding three new positions including a DNA testing specialist
  • Allocates $50,000 for Avalanche Public Education

Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
The mission of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is to develop, operate, maintain, and manage facilities, vehicles, and transportation modes. The budget:

  • Provides an additional $1.2 million for the Anchorage and Fairbanks International Airports
  • Provides $3.6 million for increased salaries for engineers

University of Alaska
The mission of the University of Alaska is to respond to the educational needs of all Alaskans and to enhance Alaska's economy by fostering and promoting (1) a high quality postsecondary educational system; (2) appropriate vocational education development and training; (3) advancement and extension of knowledge, learning, and culture; and (4) the application of new knowledge and emerging technologies to meet the needs of the state. The budget:

  • Increases funding for the University of Alaska by $38.4 million, including $11.4 million in general funds, $2 million in Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education funds, and $2.9 million in vocational education funds (some of these funds were authorized in the capital budget bill, SB 29)

Department of Law
The mission of the Department of Law is to provide legal services to state government and to prosecute crime. The budget:

  • Adds $117,500 to the Victim Wellness Notification and Support program to provide for more reliable notification to victims of crime
  • Provides $137,000 for a Juvenile Delinquency Attorney position in Anchorage to handle the significant increase in the number of cases handled by this section over the past two years
  • Allocates $90,000 for an additional associate attorney position in the Governmental Affairs Division

Department of Revenue
The mission of the Department of Revenue is to collect and invest funds for public purposes. The budget:

  • Provides $300,000 to fund 370 new Low-Income Housing Choice Vouchers and eliminate the program's waiting list
  • Adds $188,100 for the Alaska Court System Pro Se Project to locate non-custodial parents, enforcing child support orders and collecting payments
  • Funds improvements to the KIDS phone system

Department of Labor and Workforce Development
The mission of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development is to promote safe and fair working conditions and to advance opportunities for employment. The budget:

  • Adds $90,000 for independent living rehabilitation

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