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Miscellaneous Legislation

House Bill 34: Rule Against Perpetuities
Sponsored by Rep. Lesil McGuire
House Bill 34 makes technical corrections to Senate Bill 162, passed by the Legislature in 2000, to clarify the wording and application of that bill in making the same distinction that the common law has made between a presently exercisable general power of appointment ant testamentary general power of appointment.

House Bill 44: Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Trail
Sponsored by Rep. Beverly Masek
House Bill 44 renames a portion of Knik Goose Bay Road in Wasilla as the "Joe Redington, Sr. Memorial Trail" in honor of the late dog musher who founded the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

House Bill 81: Extending Board of Dental Examiners
Sponsored by Rep. Hugh Fate
House Bill 81 extends the life of the Board of Dental Examiners until June 30, 2005, raise to $25,000 the maximum fine the board could impose on dentists, expand the definition of dentistry, and clean up some duplicate and unclear language regarding the board's operations.

House Bill 100: Juneteenth Day
Sponsored by Rep. Lesil McGuire
House Bill 100 establishes the third Saturday in June as "Juneteenth Day" in Alaska, an unpaid holiday marking the abolition of slavery in the United States, highlighting the achievements of African-Americans in the state, and providing an opportunity for all Alaskans to celebrate a united Alaska.

House Bill 127: Aircraft Emergency Equipment
Sponsored by Rep. John Harris
House Bill 127 repeals requirements that Alaska pilots must carry a firearm and gillnet in the emergency survival equipment required for flights over remote areas; clarifies the civil liability of a person who maintains or operates an airstrip without compensation; requires contractors operating at state airports to follow a comparative fault standard for compensation for injury or damage from accidents; and repeals several outdated aviation statutes.

House Bill 167: Motor Vehicle License Plates: National Guard/Antique
Sponsored by Rep. Fred Dyson
House Bill 167 makes it legal to use an out-of-date license plate on an antique or classic car, so long as using the old plate would not result in any confusion with any contemporary license plates. It also ends the requirement that members of the Alaska National Guard turn in their specialty plates within 10 days of their discharge from the Guard, and would authorize the state to design and issue license plates to honor the Alaska Centennial Gold Rush.

House Bill 177: Campaign Finance: Contribution/Disclosure/Groups
Sponsored by the House Rules Committee
House Bill 177 extends state political contribution limits and disclosure requirements to "non-group entities" which, under a 1999 Alaska Supreme Court ruling, may make independent political expenditures as long as they are not in business, have no shareholders and are independent of any business influence.

Senate Bill 10: Extended Board of Public Accountancy
Sponsored by Sen. Gene Therriault
Senate Bill 10 extends the life of the State Board of Public Accountancy by four years, to June 30, 2005.

Senate Bill 81: Nonademption Of Transfers In Trusts
Sponsored by Sen. Gene Therriault
Senate Bill 81 corrects an oversight in a bill passed during the 21st Alaska Legislature, applying to revocable trusts the statutes that outline what happens when a request in a will cannot be carried out.

Senate Bill 112: Long-Term Care Ombudsman; Mental Health Authority
Sponsored by the Senate Health, Education and Social Services Committee
Senate Bill 112 places employees of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority in exempt service. It would also establish a minimum pay range for the Long Term Care Ombudsman.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4: Alaska Tartan Day
Sponsored by Sen. Randy Phillips
Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 designates April 6, 2001 as Alaska Tartan Day in recognition of Americans of Scottish descent and in support of their cultural activities.

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