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Saluting the Armed Forces in Alaska

The Republican-led Majority in the 22nd Legislature placed special emphasis on reinforcing and expanding Alaska's role in our national defense. At the same time, Republicans wrote and passed legislation recognizing the unmatched contributions made by the men and women of our armed forces serving in Alaska. The majority also led the fight to ensure that servicemen and women in Alaska will never be considered second-class citizens.

House Bill 79: Eagle River Veterans' Memorial Highway
Sponsored by Rep. Pete Kott
House Bill 79 designates a portion of the Eagle River Loop Road between the Anchorage Regional Landfill and Eagle River Road as the Veterans Memorial Highway.

House Bill 118: Senior Citizen/Veterans Property Tax Exemption
Sponsored by Rep. Jim Whitaker
House Bill 118 allows municipalities to free senior citizens, disabled veterans, and others receiving state-mandated local property tax exemptions from a requirement that they annually reapply for such exemptions.

House Bill 137: Records of Veterans
Sponsored by the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee
House Bill 137 designates the state recorder's office as the preferred repository of Alaska veterans' discharge papers, and end the duplication of effort in which the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics also maintained copies of the same records.

House Bill 167: Motor Vehicle License Plates: National Guard/Antique
Sponsored by Rep. Fred Dyson
House Bill 167 makes it legal to use an out-of-date license plate on an antique or classic car, so long as using the old plate would not result in any confusion with any contemporary license plates. It also ends the requirement that members of the Alaska National Guard turn in their specialty plates within 10 days of their discharge from the Guard, and would authorize the state to design and issue license plates to honor the Alaska Centennial Gold Rush.

House Joint Resolution 27: WWII Alaska-USSR Lend-Lease Monuments
Sponsored by Rep. Mike Chenault
House Joint Resolution 27 honors Alaska's major contribution to helping win World War II by supporting memorials to the shipment of Lend-Lease airplanes, ships and war materiel through Canada and Alaska to the Soviet Union.

Senate Joint Resolution 3: F-22 Raptor Aircraft At Elmendorf AFB
Sponsored by Sen. Loren Leman
Senate Joint Resolution 3 encourages the Air Force to base the new F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Senate Joint Resolution 8: Voting Sites at Military Installations
Sponsored by Sen. Loren Leman
Senate Joint Resolution 8 calls upon the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense to rescind a Department of Defense directive issued before the last general election advising installation commanders not to allow polling places at their facilities.

Senate Joint Resolution 9: National Missile Defense System
Sponsored by Sen. Loren Leman
Senate Joint Resolution 9 calls upon President Bush to begin construction of a National Missile Defense System (NMDS) to protect the United States from long-range nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Alaska has been identified as the preferred location to build the radar site and ground-based interceptors for a NMDS under a plan drafted by the Department of Defense.

Senate Joint Resolution 10: U.S. Coast Guard Funding
Sponsored by Sen. Alan Austerman
Senate Joint Resolution 10 urges the United States Congress to fully fund the United States Coast Guard's operational readiness and recapitalization requirements. Full funding will ensure that this humanitarian arm of the nation's national security system remains semper paratus - "Always Ready."

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