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Improving Government,
Reforming Elections

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Working to find ways to make government better serve the people, the Republican-led Majority passed several pieces of legislation designed to improve state laws regarding campaign contributions, voting rights and elections; to expand public involvement in transportation planning; to halt unwarranted government invasions of privacy; and to eliminate gender inequity in public employment.

Reforming Elections

HB 109 ensures that an absentee ballot cast in person is valid even if election officials fail to properly sign and date the associated voter certificate.

SB 187 requires public notification of all "absentee in person voting" locations at least 45 days before an election.

HB 177 extends the state's political contribution limits and disclosure requirements to cover "non-group entities," and closes a legal loophole that had allowed certain non-business groups to give political candidates twice what individuals could without disclosing it.

HB 13 requires that any creation, modification or abolishment of a municipal service area can occur only with the approval of a majority of voters residing within that area.

HB 189 removes from state ballots language as to whether the candidates shown would sign, or had honored previously signed, term limit pledges.

HB 110 ends the state's practice of requiring Social Security numbers on Alaska driver's licenses, while keeping them in a statewide driver database.

HB 48 frees hunting and fishing license applicants from having to submit their Social Security numbers on such licenses.

SB 65 requires the Department of Labor to study state employee wages to determine if any gender-based pay inequities exist.

SB 166 requires a 5-day waiting period before the governor can fill a U. S. Senate vacancy.

Improving Government

HB 250 defines the missions that state government is responsible for accomplishing in the 2002 fiscal year, and the methods of measuring its success.

SB 193 requires the state to study the economic and social effects of the Permanent Fund dividend on Alaskans, and issue a report by Jan. 5, 2003.

SB 152 requires the state to pay interest on disputed contract payments, counting from the start of the dispute, to contractors who prevail in disputes with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

SB 158 requires the state to write a report by Jan. 31, 2002 recommending whether it should partially own or finance construction of a natural gas pipeline, and evaluating how such action might affect the state's cash flow, credit and budget.

SB 172 legally ensures the Alaska Court System will continue to issue annual reports on its administration and activities.

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