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Promoting Economic Development

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This year the Republican-Led Majority passed legislation that promotes development of our resources, improves the financial environment, and encourages continued federal investment in our state by both civilian and military agencies.

SB 152 requires the state to pay interest on disputed contract payments, counting from the start of the dispute, to contractors who prevail in disputes with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

SB 84 clarifies the status of the Joint Action Agency created to purchase and own the Four Dam Pool hydroelectric facilities with regard to taxes, regulation, and its relationship with the member utilities, allowing the transfer to be completed.

SB 60 adds protection to existing agriculture operations from nuisance lawsuits.

HB 244 allows the state to cooperate in building a railroad and utility corridor from near Healy to the eastern end of the Denali National Park and Preserve, to spur economic development in the Denali Borough.

SB 137 extends allocations to several vocational education facilities around the state for program development and improvement.

HB 156 eliminates a confusing element of the state's tax increment financing law that seemed to require developers of public facilities using that method of financing to obtain a separate fiscal analysis and potentially provide separate collateral for each project.

HB 24 amends state law to allow boroughs to fund tourism marketing programs with bed tax revenues.

SJR 12 urges the United States Congress to amend the federal tax code to reduce the marriage tax penalty.

HB 154 exempts non-processing fish brokers who pay their fish tax each month from certain strict bonding standards if they post a $50,000 or own $100,000 worth of real property in Alaska.

HB 234 authorizes the state to use a portion of the anticipated tobacco liability settlement funds to pay for construction and maintenance of public schools, purchase real estate for the university of Alaska-Anchorage, and provide for improvements in harbors and port facilities.

Encouraging In-State Oil and Gas Production

SB 164 prohibits leases on the State of Alaska's submerged lands in the Beaufort Sea, removing the proposed "over-the-top" natural gas pipeline route from consideration.

SB 143 requires applicants to reimburse the state's cost to process applications for gas pipeline right-of-way leases, whether or not the lease is granted.

SB 76 increases the maximum term of right-of-way lease renewals from 10 years to 30 years.

SB 121 improves the right-of-way permitting process by identifying design revisions that constitute a "substantial change" in an application and therefore require restarting the entire administrative process under Alaska's Right-of-Way Leasing Act.

SB 156 amends the Alaska Land Act to clarify that only a single written best-interest finding is required for the sale, lease, or other disposal of state land or resources or an interest in them.

HJR 7 supports opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's coastal plain to petroleum exploration and development.

Protecting our Living Resources

HB 194 authorizes the state to set non-resident commercial fishing permit rates at the maximum amount allowed under the anticipated court-approved formula.

SJR 15 supports the imposition of import restrictions and increased tariffs on salmon products from Chile.

HJR 6 opposes former President Clinton's inclusion of the Tongass and Chugach National Forests in a national ban on road construction in national forests.

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