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Fighting to Keep Alaskans Safe

During the 22nd Legislature, the Republican-Led Majority focused on a number of steps to protect Alaskans' privacy, defend Alaskans rights to defend themselves, improve public safety systems, educate citizens about threats to their safety, improve emergency communications and response systems, and teach Alaskans to keep safe.

House Bill 48: No Social Security Number Required on Hunting/Fishing License
Sponsored by Rep. John Coghill
House Bill 48 frees hunting and fishing license applicants from the legal obligation to submit their Social Security numbers on such licenses.

House Bill 76: New Facilities for API
Sponsored by Rep. Norman Rokeberg
House Bill 76 provides funds for construction of a replacement for the Alaska Psychiatric Institution with $16 million raised through certificates of participation, $19 million in previous state appropriations, $3 million from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Fund, and investment earnings from the combined funds. The bill also calls for cooperation among the state departments of Health and Social Service and Corrections, the Municipality of Anchorage, the University of Alaska-Anchorage, Providence Alaska Medical Center and Alaska Regional Hospital regarding land exchanges and other steps needed to establish a medical campus near the new API.

House Bill 99: School Discipline and Safety
Sponsored by Rep. Lesil McGuire
House Bill 99 requires public school safety and discipline plans to include policies to teach students non-violent conflict resolution and mediation practices. It seeks to recognize and reinforce civilized behavioral standards by preparing students with strategies other than violence for resolving differences.

House Bill 120: Disclosure of Criminal History Records
Sponsored by Rep. John Coghill, Jr.
House Bill 120 allows Alaska to join with other states in sharing the criminal history records it possesses for non-crime fighting purposes, such as facilitating background checks of candidates for jobs or licenses. It grants Alaska access to more than 55 million criminal records across the country.

House Bill 102: Theft of Propelled Vehicles
Sponsored by Rep. Pete Kott
House Bill 102 makes it a felony to use a vehicle without authorization and cause more than $1,000 in damage or deprive the owner of its use for a week or more; would expand the definition of all-terrain vehicles in felony theft statutes to include vehicles with multiple tracks or treads; and would make theft of Jet Ski-type personal watercraft a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

House Bill 110: Social Security Number & Driver's Licenses
Sponsored by Rep. John Coghill
House Bill 110 ends the state's practice of requiring Social Security numbers on Alaska driver's and commercial driver's licenses and state-issued identification cards, though it lets the state retain the numbers in state drivers databases.

House Bill 132: Liquor License Applicant Check/Training
Sponsored by the House Judiciary Committee by Request
House Bill 132 addresses the problem of bootlegging by lowering the amount of alcohol a person may possess before law enforcement authorities may presume it is for illegal resale. The bill also authorizes the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board to submit fingerprints of prospective liquor licensees to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to run through its national criminal history record system.

House Bill 172: Therapeutic Drug and Alcohol Courts
Sponsored by Rep. Brian Porter
House Bill 172 addresses Alaska's problem with multiple drunken driving offenders by creating two pilot therapeutic courts in Anchorage and Bethel. In exchange for pleading guilty, participants would take craving-reducing medication, undergo intense outpatient substance abuse treatment, and submit to strict court monitoring.

House Bill 179: Offenses Relating to Underage Drinking
Sponsored by the House Judiciary Committee
House Bill 179 addresses Alaska's problems with underage drinking by recriminalizing consumption of alcohol by minors. It imposes escalating fines and community service requirements ranging from up to $600 and 24 hours service for a first offense, to a maximum of $1,000 in fines, 90 days in jail, suspension of the offender's drivers license and mandatory alcoholism treatment for a third offense.

House Bill 186: 911 Surcharge on Mobile Telephones
Sponsored by Rep. Kevin Meyer
House Bill 186 allows municipalities to impose on cellular telephones the same surcharge for enhanced 911 emergency services now authorized for landline telephones. Revenues raised through the fee would help fund the additional staff and equipment necessary to provide complete enhanced 911 service via wireless telephones.

House Bill 187: Vandalism of Cemeteries & Graves
Sponsored by Rep. Jim Whitaker
House Bill 187 protects the sanctity and dignity of cemeteries, graves and memorials by making it a class C felony, punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to five years in prison, to deface, damage or desecrate them.

House Bill 210: Statute of Limitations: Sexual Assault
Sponsored by Rep. Kevin Meyer
House Bill 210 eliminates the current statute of limitation for felony sexual assault involving penetration, taking advantage of recent advances in genetic testing that can provide strong evidence of such a crime even years later.

House Bill 228: Sale of Tobacco Products
Sponsored by Rep. John Harris
House Bill 228 dedicates nearly $500,000 from Alaska's share of the national tobacco lawsuit settlement for tobacco cessation, prevention and education programs for Alaska's youth. The bill also raises fines for businesses found guilty of selling tobacco to minors to $500 for a first offense, and $2,500 for a third offense.

House Concurrent Resolution 7: April 2001 Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Sponsored by Rep. Kevin Meyer
House Concurrent Resolution 7 proclaims April 2001 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, encouraging Alaskans to share strategies on how to recognize and prevent sexual assault.

House Joint Resolution 22:
Sponsored by the Alaska State House of Representatives
House Joint Resolution 22 condemns a paintball attack on Alaska Natives, encourages federal investigation of racism in Alaska and calls for sensitivity training for those convicted of racially motivated crimes.

Senate Bill 78: Municipal Regulation of Radio Antennas
Sponsored by Sen. Robin Taylor
Senate Bill 78 requires that local zoning authorities reasonably accommodate the antenna needs of Amateur Radio operators. This bill is a state affirmation of a 1985 rule issued by the Federal Communications Commission, PRB-1, and ensures that the minimal technical requirements to conduct amateur communications are preserved.

Senate Bill 99: DNA Registration of Burglars
Sponsored by Sen. Rick Halford
Senate Bill 99 expands the state's convicted offender DNA registry to include samples from those convicted of burglary.

Senate Bill 105: Victims' Rights/Prisoners PFDs
Sponsored by Sen. Rick Halford
Senate Bill 105 creates an Office of Victims' Rights and a Victims' Advocate, designed to help guide crime victims through the legal process in the aftermath of a violent crime. Funding for the office would come from Permanent Fund Dividends forfeited by repeat criminals.

Senate Bill 145: Village Public Safety Officer Program
Sponsored by Sen. Rick Halford
Senate Bill 145 increases benefits for Village Public Safety Officers (VPSOs), and increase probation services in rural Alaska, to improve the quality of those providing front-line public safety services.

Senate Bill 178: Detention of Delinquent Minors
Sponsored by Sen. Gene Therriault
Senate Bill 178 brings the state into federal compliance with regard to detaining juveniles in the corrections system to give Alaska the ability to claim certain exceptions to the federal mandate and preserve the state's eligibility for 100 percent of the federal formula grant allocation. This bill would require an initial appearance in court within 24 hours for juveniles placed in an adult jail or lockup, and would place the federal regulation exception language into state statute.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 1: Avalanche Awareness Month
Sponsored by Sen. Lyda Green
Senate Concurrent Resolution 1 declares November 2001 as Avalanche Awareness Month, to expand public knowledge of what causes avalanches, and how those venturing into Alaska's backcountry can recognize and avoid the dangers of the deadly snow slides.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 2: Sobriety Awareness Month
Sponsored by Sen. Jerry Ward
Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 declares March 2001 as Sobriety Awareness Month, to widen public knowledge and acceptance of abstinence as an appropriate response to the disease of alcoholism.

Senate Joint Resolution 10: U.S. Coast Guard Funding
Sponsored by Sen. Alan Austerman
Senate Joint Resolution 10 urges the United States Congress to fully fund the United States Coast Guard's operational readiness and recapitalization requirements. Full funding will ensure that this humanitarian arm of the nation's national security system remains true to its motto, and will remain semper paratus - "Always Ready."

Senate Joint Resolution 14: Oppose Canadian Fee to Transport Firearms
Sponsored by Sen. Robin Taylor
Senate Joint Resolution 14 calls on President George W. Bush, the U.S. State Department, and Congress to negotiate with the Canadian government to rescind new regulations requiring United States citizens to register firearms and pay a $50 (Canadian) fee before entering Canada.

Senate Joint Resolution 17: Federal Gun Policies
Sponsored by Sen. Dave Donley
Senate Joint Resolution 17 asks President Bush to direct the U. S. Department of Justice to modify its policies to acknowledge that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the right of individual Americans to own guns.

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