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Keeping Alaska's Children
Safe and Healthy

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The Republican-led Majority remains committed to keeping Alaska's children safe and healthy, including discouraging underage drinking and tobacco use, and providing new options for children in troubled homes.

Encouraging Positive Lifestyles

HB 99 requires public schools to teach students non-violent conflict resolution and mediation practices.

HB 179 makes it a crime for minors to consume alcohol. The bill imposes stiff fines and community service requirements at all levels, including $1,000 in fines, 90 days in jail, suspension of the offender's drivers license and mandatory alcoholism treatment for repeat offenders.

HB 228 dedicates nearly $500,000 from Alaska's share of the national tobacco lawsuit settlement for tobacco cessation, prevention and education programs for Alaska's youth. It also raises fines for businesses found guilty of selling tobacco to minors to $500 for a first offense, up to $2,500 for a third offense.

Creating Safe Environments

HB 164 encourages state courts to consider placing children from troubled families with grandparents, by assuring grandparents the chance to be heard at their grandchildren's Child in Need of Aid hearings or child custody hearings.

SB 178 guarantees juveniles placed in an adult jail or lockup an initial court appearance within 24 hours, allowing the state to continue receiving federal funds for youth corrections services.

SB 198 creates the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council, with members representing rural and urban Alaska. The fifteen member council will be tasked with developing a plan to address Alaska's alarming suicide rate, enhancing suicide prevention services and programs throughout the state, and increasing public awareness of suicide warning signs.

HB 200 establishes July 3 as Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Day in Alaska, to help preserve the memories of Alaskans whose lives were cut short by drunken drivers and to serve as an occasion for all drivers to reflect on the consequences of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

HCR 7 proclaims April 2001 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and encourages public and private organizations, including secondary schools, to provide information on how to recognize and prevent sexual assault.

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