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  1. Representative Kevin Meyer explains his motivations for introducing and the effects his HB 281 will have. The measure passed the the Senate Thursday and it seeks to hold adults civilly liable for the damages minors cause when they provide the minors with alcohol., 05-09-02
    = Kevin Meyer, 73K      = Kevin Meyer, 508K


  1. Senator Pete Kelly comments about past attempts by the Legislature to address state funding for elective and medically necessary abortions., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 45K      = Pete Kelly, 311K
  2. Senator Kelly explains that the term "medically necessary" in Alaskan regulations can include the psychological stress of being pregnant and thus the woman can obtain a state funded abortion ., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 68K      = Pete Kelly, 472K
  3. Senator Kelly compares and contrasts Alaskan abortion records with Michigan State abortion records., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 73K      = Pete Kelly, 510K
  4. Senator Kelly states the Alaska is funding 100's of elective abortions under the guise they are "medically necessary" abortions., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 29K      = Pete Kelly, 204K
  5. Senator Pete Kelly states there has been good legislative work done in the past few years on "disclosure in minor records", but there still exists holes in Alaska's juvinile crime statutes., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 26K      = Pete Kelly, 183K
  6. Senator Kelly explains that his SB 295 tears down bureaucratic roadblocks that hide the past criminal records of child or adult care providers. The measure passed the House Tuesday., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 32K      = Pete Kelly, 220K
  7. Senator Kelly makes further comments on SB 295., 05-08-02
    = Pete Kelly, 26K      = Pete Kelly, 179K


  1. Representative Jeannette James explains why she thinks Alaska's children need the option of correspondence school. HB 464 Passed the House on Friday. The measure fosters the continued successful operation of statewide school district correspondence study programs, with the goal of maintaining the home teacher's freedom, individuality and innovation, 05-03-02
    = Jeannette James, 35K      = Jeannette James, 244K
  2. Representative James comments that correspondence schools can be an advantage in rural areas., 05-03-02
    = Jeannette James, 35K      = Jeannette James, 244K


  1. Representative Bill Hudson explains the internal and external pressures on Alaska for an income tax like the one laid out in HB 303., 05-02-02
    = Bill Hudson, 111K      = Bill Hudson, 773K
  2. Representative Joe Green speaks on the need to use a portion of the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve as the source of the funds Alaska needs to pay for government services, as called for in HB 304., 05-02-02
    = Joe Green, 75K      = Joe Green, 521K
  3. Representative Lisa Murkowski comments that increasing Alaska's alcohol excise tax to a dime a drink, as called for by her HB 225, will still leave Alaska with the nation's lowest alcohol tax rate., 05-02-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 78K      = Lisa Murkowski, 544K
  4. House Majority Leader, Representative Jeannette James, speaks on HB 20, which establishes a community divident program to ensure municipalities have a stable source of state revenue to help provide local services., 05-02-02
    = Jeannette James, 48K      = Jeannette James, 336K
  5. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder expresses his belief that the revenue measures passed by the House today may not be popular, but they are much preferred over the alternative of doing nothing to address the state's billion-dollar fiscal gap., 05-02-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 57K      = Eldon Mulder, 397K


  1. Representative Vic Kohring explains the actions of his HB 389. The measure will be a tool for local governments to use for redeveloping properties that normally would fall into a state of disrepair and eventually have to be demolished. The bill passed the Senate Wednesday., 05-01-02
    = Vic Kohring, 60K      = Vic Kohring, 420K

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