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  1. Representative Joe Green explains his motivations for introducing his HB 472. The measure requires pawnbrokers and second hand dealers statewide to send their transaction ledgers to their local law enforcement agencies every other week. The bill passed the House Thursday., 04-25-02
    = Joe Green, 48K      = Joe Green, 336K


  1. Representative Norman Rokeberg explains why he introduced HB 27. The measure regulates the home inspection business in Alaska. The bill passed the House Thursday., 04-18-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 32K      = Norman Rokeberg, 222K
  2. Representative Lisa Murkowski speaks on the Alaska Children's Trust, and how her HB 509 would help the Trust by expanding the sale of specialty plates. HB 509 passed the House Thursday., 04-18-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 83K      = Lisa Murkowski, 576K
  3. Representative Bill Hudson describes the problem with the 12-month limit on public employee probationary periods, which his HB 458 would address. The bill passed the House Thursday., 04-18-02
    = Bill Hudson, 70K      = Bill Hudson, 490K
  4. Senator Loren Leman explains the Senate Majority's motivations for restoring full funding to the "Food Safety and Sanitation Program"., 04-18-02
    = Loren Leman, 147K      = Loren Leman, 1.0M


  1. Senator Pete Kelly relates his motivations for introducing SB 295. The measure allows the Department of Health and Social Services to conduct a review of adult and/or child care workers to see if they have criminal histories. The bill passed the Senate unanimously on Wednesday., 04-17-02
    = Pete Kelly, 26K      = Pete Kelly, 183K
  2. Senator Kelly explains the bureaucratic roadblock that made SB 295 necessary., 04-17-02
    = Pete Kelly, 31K      = Pete Kelly, 218K
  3. Senator Kelly further relates how SB 295 would overcome this roadblock., 04-17-02
    = Pete Kelly, 25K      = Pete Kelly, 171K
  4. Representative Eldon Mulder defends HB 515 during a floor speech Wednesday. The Missions and Measures bill is an important tool for the Legislature as it establishes departmental accountability for their mission. The bill passed the House unanimously Wednesday., 04-17-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 71K      = Eldon Mulder, 495K
  5. Representative Lisa Murkowski details the reasons her HB 373 would lower the State's costs when it prosecutes pot growers. The measure passed the House unanimously Wednesday., 04-17-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 68K      = Lisa Murkowski, 474K
  6. Representative Drew Scalzi explains the actions his HB 208 hopes to have on the shellfish industry in Alaska during his floor speech Wednesday. The bill addresses this situation by mandating the Dept. of Fish and Game and the Dept. of Natural Resources to survey and identify 60 sites suitable for shellfish farms., 04-17-02
    = Drew Scalzi, 66K      = Drew Scalzi, 456K
  7. Representative Vic Kohring talks about the tattooing and body piercing busineses that would have extra time to meet a state registration deadline under his HB 443. The measure passed the House on Wednesday., 04-17-02
    = Bill Hudson, 49K      = Bill Hudson, 341K


  1. Representative Peggy Wilson, Co-Chair of the House Fisheries Committee, explains HJR 46. The measure calls on British Columbia to extend its seven-year moratorium on new salmon fish farming. HJR 46 passed the House unanimously Friday., 04-12-02
    = Peggy Wilson, 122K      = Peggy Wilson, 850K
  2. Representative Fred Dyson, a member of the House Fisheries Committee, comments on how British Columbia's mistakes justify Alaska's decision not to allow finfish farming many years ago., 04-12-02
    = Fred Dyson, 51K      = Fred Dyson, 357K


  1. Senator Loren Leman comments on his motivations for introducing SB 263, which passed the Senate unanimously on Thursday. The measure changes some provisions of Alaska property law that previously created problems for landowners., 04-11-02
    = Loren Leman, 89K      = Loren Leman, 624K
  2. Representative Jeannette James explains how her HB 444, which passed the House Thursday, helps address maintenance needs at state buildings by collecting a fee that will fund maintenance., 04-11-02
    = Jeannette James, 65K      = Jeannette James, 453K


  1. Representative Vic Kohring explains the effects of his HB 397, which passed the House Wednesday. The measure ends the requirement that Alaskans must have a driver's license to operate off-road vehicles on public land or waters., 04-10-02
    = Vic Kohring, 89K      = Vic Kohring, 622K
  2. Senator Dave Donley describes his proposal, SB 338. The measure would make criminals convicted of a felony or misdemeanor ineligible for a Permanent Fund Dividend for at least two years, regardless of prior convictions., 04-10-02
    = Dave Donley, 33K      = Dave Donley, 230K
  3. Senator Donley further explains that the first use of the monies collected from criminal's PFD checks could go to the victims of their crimes., 04-10-02
    = Dave Donley, 32K      = Dave Donley, 222K
  4. Senator Donley relates that these confiscated PFD checks can be used to help pay families child support fees., 04-10-02
    = Dave Donley, 20K      = Dave Donley, 135K


  1. Representative Lesil McGuire speaks to HB 390, which would extend the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute's ability to raise funds from fishermen to market alaska seafood domestically, and to expand use of a 1 percent tax to include international marketing. HB 390 passed the House unanimously Wednesday., 04-03-02
    = Lesil McGuire, 57K      = Lesil McGuire, 398K
  2. Representative Lisa Murkowski comments that research into other states' alcohol tax politicies shows Alaska's effective alcohol tax rate is the lowest in the nation., 04-03-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 80K      = Lisa Murkowski, 556K
  3. Rep. Murkowski states that Alaska's alcohol tax burden is the nation's lowest., 04-03-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 19K      = Lisa Murkowski, 130K
  4. Senator Jerry Ward explains that he believes Alaskans should know if the salmon they purchase is wild or chemically enhanced, and thus not good for human consumption., 04-03-02
    = Jerry Ward, 36K      = Jerry Ward, 247K
  5. Senator Ward says his measure SB 208 would ensure Alaskans have the best quality fish and that it be labeled as such., 04-03-02
    = Jerry Ward, 15K      = Jerry Ward, 104K
  6. Senator Ward exclaims that the fish of Alaska are organic and wild are thus the best fish., 04-03-02
    = Jerry Ward, 14K      = Jerry Ward, 97K
  7. Senator Ward believes that educating fish buyers to the fact that Alaskan fish are not chemically altered will help Alaska's fish marketing efforts., 04-03-02
    = Jerry Ward, 29K      = Jerry Ward, 198K


  1. Representative Fred Dyson explains during his House Floor speech that his HB 402 would provide authorization for a significant, if not profound, cultural shift in how we assist people in our state away from dependence on cash welfare benefits and toward employment and self-sufficiency., 04-02-02
    = Fred Dyson, 48K      = Fred Dyson, 337K
  2. Representative Dyson further comments that his measure, HB 402, does two simple things. It allows redirects funds to subsidize employment and it provides for enhanced sanctions against those appliants will not stay on the track towards gaining and keeping a job., 04-02-02
    = Fred Dyson, 52K      = Fred Dyson, 359K
  3. Representative Norman Rokeberg explains in his floor speech defending HB 330 that adults who illegally provide alcohol to minors could face felony penalties of up to five years in prison if the youths then injured or killed others while under the influence of that alcohol., 04-02-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 192K      = Norman Rokeberg, 1.3M
  4. Representative Vic Kohring expresses his pleasure at the outpouring of support his 10-Point "Save Alaska" plan has gotten., 04-02-02
    = Vic Kohring, 36K      = Vic Kohring, 253K

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